Abundance Tarot Spread

Let's shake off that scarcity mindset and welcome in abundance! Health, money, creative pursuits, and purpose are the arenas in which we find prosperity, and can also feel drained of it. In most tarot decks, there is the suit of pentacles, or something resembling them, such as stones, bones, or coins. This particular suit represents our earthly connections and necessities- our surroundings, wealth, and prosperity - which is why the spread itself reflects the symbol of this foundational symbol. When you see pentacles, your guides are asking you to pay attention to what is headed your way, or what you may need to cultivate more of. While working this spread, allow the dancing flow of this shape guide you to your insights. This tarot spread is meant to highlight what is helping and hurting, from your internal processes to external situations, as well as illuminate the abundance in your life - whether within sight of behind the clouds. May the cards offer new pathways for you on the road to success and prosperity.
The first and topmost card is your greatest ally at this time. Who or what is this card? How does it offer support? If it challenges you, perhaps think about why that might be.
How have you learned to look at your own success? Do you feel you approach life with abundance in mind or scarcity? This card, positioned below, sheds light on past seeds planted that have led to your current mindset.
Life can turn towards clear skies or foggy pathways without any warning. This card points to an issue that has caused challenge in reaching your goals.
Across from the problem lies the solution. This card offers some clarity around what could be done to resolve this issue, and recover from its grip. How does this card relate to your primary blockage at this time?
This final point of your star tells you where to go from here. See how it relates to your past (card 2). This is a card of risk taking, and of deep self-reflection. Let this card challenge you towards a greater sense of self-worth. This card says, "you got this. Here's how."


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