A Day of Self-Love!

Turning self care into a love affair can be both a daily practice of finding magic and pleasure in the mundane, but also an extravagant, luscious affair! Society often tells us that we must focus on productivity, capitalism, and what others deem acceptable - but as we focus on the theme of Self Devotion, what would it look like for you to shrug off those oppressive expectations? Besides what other people think, what’s to truly stop you from indulging in the things that bring you the most pleasure? You deserve to feel juicy, joyful, and blissful in every moment. A simple way to start is by adding a post it to your mirror, fridge, or altar with a pleasure reminder and affirmation - try a combo of "How can I make this moment more pleasurable" and an affirmation of "I deserve pleasure" or "My body is my home"


How can you infuse a little (or a LOT) of pleasure into each part of your day? 


Start your mornings with a simple breath practice - perhaps whisper some affirmations to yourself, or thank your body and sense for letting you experience this pleasure filled world. Ease into the day with a hot bath or shower - sprinkle in some flower petals, or hang dried eucalyptus from your shower head to infuse the steam with a bright herbaceous scent. Be sure to use your biggest, fluffiest towel when you're done! When your skin is still damp, tend to your largest organ by soothing it with skin nourishing oils - leaving you feeling supple, sexy, and relaxed as you head into your day. Anoint your body with an aromatherapy blend, or spritz those sexy collarbones with an aphrodisiac mist. Wear your favorite piece of jewelry, softest pants, a bowtie, leather… whatever makes you feel JUICY even if you’ll just be hanging out at home! 


As the day rolls on, check in with your pleasure. Do work emails have you feeling stressed? Can you take a break and have a snack - maybe a juicy piece a fruit or a sweet chocolate pastry? Take some time to truly savor the flavors, let the juice roll down your chin, enjoy the moment! Maybe listen to a song that makes you feel extra empowered, or phone a friend and ask them to share some compliments with you! If you’ve got the time, cultivate self pleasure (Afternoon Delight is called that for a reason!) Take some deep breaths focusing on your root chakra, add a few drops of aphrodisiac potion to your water, or read erotica on your lunch break. Maybe even pamper yourself with a midday facial? We love this quick, hydrating face mask! 


You’ll Need: 

1 tbsp ground rose petal

1 tbsp clay - white clay, red clay, or kaolin clay are best for face masks

2 tbsp moisturizer - honey, water, rosewater, yogurt - whatever you have on hand! 


Mix the ingredients and apply to a freshly washed face. Let set for 5-10 minutes, and remove the mask with a damp washcloth. Be sure to tone and hydrate your skin after! 


As the sun sets on your pleasure filled day, can you take a moment to enjoy nature’s show? Let the colors of the sky wash over you and plant your feet into the grass as you take a moment outside. Set your space up inside for ultimate coziness as the light fades - candlelight, string lights, even a lava lamp! Whatever makes you feel joyful babe! Can you make a nourishing meal, eating your dinner on your fanciest plates and drinking out of your finest china? Or maybe get pizza delivered and eat it in the bath! This pleasure is yours to customize. Turn your phone off early, gaze at the moon, cozy up with a good book, take a luxurious bath - or all of the above! As you get ready for bed, be sure to take some time to journal about your pleasure today - what did it feel like, where can you feel the pleasure in your body? 


Wind down your day with a delicious warm beverage, this Vanilla Rose Moon Milk has our favorite luscious herbal allies! 


Vanilla Rose Moon Milk

You’ll need:

8oz non dairy milk, like almond, coconut, or oat milk

2 tsp rose petals

¼ tsp vanilla extract 

1 tsp powdered damiana 

1 tsp honey 


Add the milk, rose petals, vanilla, and damiana to a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer for 5 minutes, remove from the heat and cover. Steep for 5 more minutes, then strain. Add to your favorite mug and sip on this deliciousness! 


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