A Beginner Witch's Guide to Magic

So you’re ready to meet your inner witch. Welcome!

But how do you really know if you’re a witch? Well, you decide the label feels good. When we operate from a framework of pleasure, or the sensation of feeling good, we can discern for ourselves whether the path of the witch is the right one. It's okay if you don't know what feels good right away, babe—coming home to our pleasure is a practice, not a test to pass or fail. Our intuition is deeply intertwined with our pleasure, and allowing our inner guidance to lead us through uncharted territory requires us to get curious about the sources of pleasure already present in our lives. 

If you’ve heard that witches are born, and not made, we’re here to tell you that both can be true! Your life was already thrumming with magic long before you arrived at this fork in the path, and you’ve always been in relationship with the living world—but the moment you decide to center yourself in this relationship to magic, pleasure, and connection, is the moment you become a witch. 

Coven Suggestion:

  • Spend some time considering the sources of pleasure already present in your life, then tell someone (a tree, a friend, a pet) all about them!

What makes a witch? And which witch are you?

A witch is shaped by their values, and any new witch can discern their core values with a little bit of introspection! Values are your guiding principles, or code of ethics—if you’re living within your values, you’re living in alignment. If you’re living outside of your values, your connection to pleasure, self, and purpose might feel distant or strained. Your magic is inextricable from your views, values, and core beliefs, because all of these things affect the world around you. Witchcraft is both deeply personal and deeply political, and when your magical path is rooted in liberatory values, living in pleasure becomes a radical act of hope. 

Here at Seagrape, we value community, pleasure, embodiment, and connection. Your values might look a little different than ours, or you might not know what your values are yet. That’s okay! When considering your values for the first time, pause to consider the forms of magic you’re most drawn to. For magical babes who find deep joy and contentment by working with plants, collaborating with herbs in your cooking, and tending to thriving gardens, you might be a plant witch who values community, caretaking, and nourishment. Those who feel most authentic and attuned when you’re keeping track of the moon’s cycles and movements might be a lunar witch who values intuition and intentionality. If you’re enamored by magical tools and systems such as Tarot and astrology, you might be a divination witch who values self-care, insight, and creativity.

You may not feel called to decide what sort of witch you are, and this doesn’t make your path less magical than any other—we promise. When you’re working magic within values that make your heart sing, the rest will follow!

Coven Suggestion:

  • Set a timer for three minutes, and write down as many values as you can. When the timer ends, look back over your list and circle the top 3-5 values that resonate with you. How are these values evident in the types of magic you’re drawn to?

It’s time to get witching!

When you allow your inner YES to steer your path into witchcraft, pleasure becomes both the compass and the beacon guiding you back into right relationship with your magic. It’s important to remember that there are no wrong turns on your witchcraft journey, and perfectionism, elitism, and sensationalism are all traps manufactured by white supremacist patriarchy. When you’re just beginning to explore the magic at your fingertips, it’s important to practice discernment. You won’t need every magical tool when you’re just getting started, and you won’t need to know everything about everything before you’ve even stepped out of the broom closet. Remember babe, this is your practice! The only timeline you're beholden to is your own, so be gentle with yourself as you're just getting started. It's okay to take your time.

Becoming an embodied, pleasure-led witch is about purposefully betraying white supremacist thinking at every turn—and this means accepting that there’s no One Right Way for you to do magic. The “right” way to cast a spell or perform a ritual is by integrating the most authentic parts of yourself into your magic. This might mean that magic looks entirely different in your practice than it does for others, and this is wonderful! When you’re staying in your pleasure (and in your lane) you can’t perform magic wrong. You might not celebrate the same holidays as other witches, you may not use the same tools in the same ways, and you may not hold the same values. Allow yourself to find joy in this! No sprouting seed takes the same path through the soil.

Coven Suggestion:

  • The next time you’re reading a witchy book, listening to a magical podcast, or scrolling through WitchTok, make a note of the rules, structures, and systems you’re being offered. What feels good about this information? What doesn’t resonate at all? Practice taking what you need and leaving the rest.

Now take a deep breath, babe. 

The internet is budding with information aplenty for the beginner witch, but there’s no need to bite off more than you can chew. When in doubt, begin by building self-trust! Dipping your toes into magic is all about curiosity, discovery, and exploration—most of the time, this process is expansive and joyful, but sometimes this process is uncomfortable, and as you practice discerning what does and doesn’t bring you pleasure, you’ll need a solid foundation of self-trust. Self-trust allows you to believe your senses when they offer you information, so that you can say HELL YES or HELL NO. 

If your intuition has been traumatized, and if you struggle to trust or even hear your own inner guidance, building a self-trust practice is absolutely vital. You can begin to build self-trust simply by checking in with yourself throughout the day—use that magical power of curiosity to ask yourself questions and practice fertile listening! When you give yourself an opportunity to make a conscious decision about what’s happening to you at any given moment, you’re actively empowering yourself to realign with pleasure and magic. So go scavenging in the woods of your heart for what lights you up, babe!

Coven Suggestion:

  • Put all of your magical tools aside for a week, and commit to a daily self check-in practice instead. In the morning, afternoon, and evening, ask yourself how you’re really feeling. Don’t rush to give yourself an immediate answer! Remember: you’re practicing curiosity, not preparedness. 

The next step is . . . to make some juicy magic!

Being in your pleasure as you build your magical skills is a powerful, sacred act, so seek out what delights you as often as possible. Below, we’ve included a brief spell for finding your inner yes, along with a list of resources to guide you towards the next step on this journey. Remember, you’re not walking this path alone—far from it! You’re already part of a community full of witchy babes, ready to connect, tap into pleasure, root deep into ritual, and stoke the collective inner fire. 

Once you’ve started on the path towards magic, your practice will only blossom. Being a practicing witch means building one pleasurable habit at a time, and watching as those habits blossom into a magical life. You’ve already taken that first step, so go at your own pace, babe!

A Divination Spell for Finding Your Inner “Yes”

If you’re ready to turn up the volume on your inner yes and come home to desire, this spell is for you! 

You will need:

  • Your body

  • A place of sanctuary

You don’t need any materials for this spell—just your magical self. Your body is one of the most powerful allies in your magic, and it’s also a wonderful divination tool! Using your body like a pendulum, you can find your inner yes and realign with whatever brings you the most pleasure. 

When you’re ready to begin, get settled in a soft, energized space with enough room to stand up in. This could be your bedroom, a park, your garden, or even a body of water! Make sure that you feel safe in whatever space you choose.

Close your eyes, and if it feels good, press one hand to your chest and another to your belly. Allow yourself to breathe normally, noticing the speed and depth of each inhale. 

Ask yourself, is it safe to slow down right now? Feel for a response. Allow your body to sway forwards for yes and backwards for no. If you find yourself leaning forward into a juicy yes, give yourself the gift of one deep exhale. If your body gives you a no, honor that boundary with gentle self-touch and patience. If it feels right, come back to this practice at another time. 

Ask yourself, does it feel good to breathe at my own pace, without expectation or restriction? Feel into your body for the answer without rushing. 

Finally, ask yourself, is it okay to rest here for as long as I need?

When you’re ready to open your eyes, do so slowly. State your gratitude for your body aloud as you emerge from this exercise, and use the journaling prompts below to sink deeper into this practice. 

Journaling prompts for the Beginner Witch:

  • Consider all of the tools, traditions, and guides calling to you. Of all this magic, what feels most pleasurable to you right now? 

  • What are your core values, and how can you show up for those values as a magical being? If you've never considered your values before, explore the guiding beliefs that allow you to navigate the world. Is pleasure within your values?

  • All embodied, intentional acts are magical acts. What magical actions are you already taking in your life? How can you celebrate these steps you're taking towards a juicier life?

Shop suggestions for discovering your magic:

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