welcome to october: the season of the witch

Tending Your Inner Witch is a FREE, month-long challenge to stoke magical self-care. It all starts on October 1st, babe!

Joining the challenge late? No worries, witch- here is a recap!

Click the links below to access content from each week of the challenge (including weekly spells, playlists, and more). We will be adding links weekly so make sure to keep an eye on your inbox as well, babe! Make sure to follow along with daily mini videos on Instagram or TikTok for extra inspo from the Seagrape Witches!

WEEK 1: Setting Intentions

WEEK 2: Indulging Our Senses

WEEK 3: Investing in Our Magic

WEEK 4: Creating Rituals for Change

You can join our Tending Your Inner Witch giveaway until EOD on October 31st. Click here to learn how to enter to win all of the juicy goodies we've put together!

Remember babe: this is your time to bask in pleasure, stoke your inner fire, and slide into this seasonal shift with joy. Take this journey at your own pace! It's okay to move slowly in these wild times, and we can't wait to join you as we harvest this magic for the season ahead. Welcome to the community supporting your greatest love affair — the one you have with yourself!


Maria + The Seagrape Witches

How does the challenge work, and how do I participate? 

Every Sunday in October, we'll be sending out a magically charged weekly newsletter filled with tools for self-tending and suggestions for leveling up your self-care practice during the Season of the Witch.

Click here to download our gorgeous October calendar, which contains each of the daily spell suggestions and self-care prompts we'll be completing over the course of the challenge. Print this out at home and keep it on your altar to charge it up!

If you're craving even more magic, click here to learn all about the witchy giveaway we're hosting this October. (The TLDR is we're giving away some seriously magical goodies for babes who complete thirteen days of the challenge!)

The challenge starts on October 1st and runs through October 31st. This is your month of witchy self-care, so engage with this offering as much or as little as feels good babe!

How do I use the October calendar?

Print out this sweet calendar at home, and use it to give your month of magical self-care some much-needed structure.

As you move through the month of October, mark off each day that you complete a self-care task, attend a Seagrape class, or follow our spell suggestions!

Share your self-care with us on Instagram for a chance to win some seriously magical goodies. Read the next section to learn how to join our October giveaway!


How do I join the Season of the Witch Giveaway?

We're giving away witchy goodies to three babes who take part in this month's activities, including a $50 Seagrape gift card, a bundle of THREE Seagrape classes, and a 1:1 coaching session with our head witch, Maria! (worth $350)! 

You can join the giveaway by . . .

• Following us @seagrapeapothecary on Instagram

• Tagging 3 witches in the comments of this post who need an extra does of magic this Witching Season!

• Sharing at least 13 days of your magical self-care from the challenge and tag us using the hashtag #TendingYourInnerWitch on Instagram!

At the end of the month, we'll choose three winners and share them in our Instagram stories the first week of November!

shop witch recommendations!

Shop suggestions for discovering your magic:

The Values Deck, a guide to honing in on the values at the core of your practice

Magic Hour Joy Candle, a ritual candle for calling in bliss and pleasure

Tarot for Yourself, a guidebook for tarot enthusiasts excited to journey inwards

You're a Babe, a room and aura spray to charge your tools, space, or body with juicy magic

The Moon Book, a comprehensive guide to lunar magic and intuitive living

Crystal Pleasure Wand, a sex toy for building confidence and finding your yes

Smoke Clearing Bundle, an herbal cleansing tool for cultivating protection and healing

why you should join the babes!

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We are here for you, babe. Join a community of wonderful witchy humans who are learning to joyfully and pleasurably THRIVE by weaving magic and ritual into everyday life.

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get in the witchin' mood

Here is a Witchy Playlist to get your October started

• If you'd like to build an Altar for the challenge you can get some ideas here

• Set yourself up for maximum cozy witch vibes and watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Over the Garden Wall, Practical Magic, Kiki's Delivery Service, or Hocus Pocus!

• You can find at least a couple of the Seagrape witches buried with their noses in some spectacularly witchy fiction this month. We're probably reading The Year of the WitchingJuniper and ThornThe Once and Future WitchesAkata Witch, or The Witch's Heart

• You might also find us tucked into a nook reading Hearth and Home WitchcraftAncestral TarotAnatomy of a Witch, or The Witch's Feast!

• Looking for the perfect witchy podcast to keep you company in the kitchen, on the road, by the hearth, or in the bath? Check out BelongingBooks and BroomsticksEarth SpeakMoonbeaming, and The Word Witch

*Check back often, we'll be adding goodies here throughout October!