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Seagrape has been a pleasure beacon for a decade, and it gets juicier every year!  We are now streamlining pleasure-filled information directly to you, our family of babes! Are you a part of the Seagrape Coven yet? What are you waiting for?! 

Our monthly Coven Membership will allow you to follow along, study, and deep dive into your own personal rituals with self-care and pleasure at the forefront and help you grow and step into your personal power even deeper this year!

Membership Options: 

Community Supported Witch (“CSW”)

Are you ready to commit to a focused magical practice but you don’t know where to start? Want a selection of AMAZING handmade tools to show up at your door every month, be supported through the process, and ask us all the questions? This kit is for you! As a Community Supported Witch every month you will receive a selection of our favorite tools, paired with the overall monthly theme (including workshops, Spotify playlists, blog posts and more!).


This ritual toolkit also comes with a month’s worth of guiding energy from the Seagrape witches in addition to our handmade tools created with you in mind. Dive in and create a practice full of luscious medicine, pleasure-focused ritual, and a community supported life! Lets deep dive into the magic together, babe! Worth $80-100, the kit will retail for only $75 each month. We have a specific amount of CSW kits we create every month so if you want one make sure you grab it before we sell out!

Ritual Witch (“RW”)

Are you a witch who loves to infuse your magical practice with intrigue and surprises? As a Ritual Witch Member you will receive an infusion of Maria’s ritual and scent magic every month to ignite and juice up your pleasure practices! It’s like having some good smelling fun with your fave Seagrape babe!. Get ready for a selection of surprise Seagrape signature item(s) to show up at your door every month. These gifts will be supported by our monthly theme,  and at only $20 are the perfect little pleasure-filled addition to your life. Look for a selection of ritual soaps, bath soaks, botanical perfumes, and bath-side Altars with a focus on body-care, adornment, pleasure, and bathing rituals to take your practices even higher. Excited for these small and powerful spells? Us too. Made in limited quantities, so if you feel called, start your membership today!

Which babe are you, the Community Supported Witch or the Ritual Witch?! 

(Get em both if you feel called!)


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