Weaving : Remembering Passion Through the Skill of Craft

To take the materials grown by the land and bring them together to create a vessel is a kind of natural birth. Like us, they are formed through the careful hands of community. We have what we are given, and must work together to cultivate resources from those who have tended them before us to ensure that those who come after have plenty to draw from as well. As we consider craft to be the foundation of much of what happens here at Seagrape, there's an almost automatic reverence for the practice of magical making, holding space and communal creativity.
Hand crafts are an expression of an endangered magic, often taken for granted in the shuffle of the modern. ⁣⁣The history of a people and countless generations are cast into a loom, and worked into a simple basket. They can only truly survive through the dedicated practice of the living. We carry countless generations in our blood. There is a part of each and every one of us gifted at birth with the skills and wisdom of our heritage. Like a bird, building a nest simply because it feels called to through the echo of its forbearers. It is an expression of living ancestry. Like us, a woven tapestry is made from the earth- employing plant, animal, and human, and brought to life through our physical bodies. They are the product of burden and care. They contain multitudes upon multitudes, just as we do.
It's all too common to forget the deep grounding magic of a simple and once common craft. Like the act itself, weaving ties together timeless and countless sources of life, heralding back to infinite lineages and ancestral threads. It gives us magical space to contemplate our reality; a shared experience when practiced- even when done from a distance of space or time. We learn as a collective; possessing the opportunity to be educated through a greater community of spirit. Our ancestors guide our hands and hearts, and our social circles are like water to these long roots. This is how craft has always been - a communal process of divine nature. Craft connects us, weaving us together as we study, learn, visualize, and create. Often beginning as strangers to ourselves or to others, craft brings us back to a greater source of knowing. Sharing these practices together, we gain fresh empathic awarenesses of who we are, what and who has brought us here, and the commonality we have with so many others who are part of this beautiful web of creation.
What ancestral craft calls out to you, babe? How will you weave your magic today?

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