Weaving Dream Energy into Your Daily Life

Dreaming isn’t just something we do when we are tucked cozy into bed. Dreaming happens when we envision a future without oppression and when we prioritize our self care and our community care. Dreaming is about taking up space and sharing space at the same time. Dreaming is envisioning a future we want to take part in, and then finding ways to make it happen. Dreaming can happen in every part of your day! 


The Nap Ministry is an amazing resource that beautifully sums up the importance of rest and dreaming “We believe rest is a spiritual practice, a racial justice issue, and a social justice issue...These ideals are a way to connect to Ancestors, to receive Word from them and honor your body...This is about more than naps.” 


Infusing every part of your day with DREAMING:

What would it look like for you to infuse every moment of your day with dream energy?

Start your morning with a little journaling - light a candle as soon as you wake up and jot down dreams from the night before, including as much detail as you can remember. If you don't remember your dreams watch the flicker of the candle, softening back into a dreamy state and write a gratitude list to start your day with a full heart. Remember to be soft and receptive, this time of the day is potent for receiving messages and intuitive information from your allies and guides.


As you move through the day, take time to rest when you need to. Stillness, quiet, and moments absent of to-do lists are space for your intuition to expand! Practicing rest and actively inviting in a state of dreaming is an opportunity for magic to settle in your day. Take a 10 minute walk after that stressful meeting noticing colors, textures, and patterns out in nature. Is there a new bloom on the tree? How does the rain soaked earth smell? Open your heart and soften into dreaming, what comes up? Is there a whisper of a message, a big idea, a spark of inspiration that makes itself known? Have a leisurely herbal smoke to invite dreaming energy in, or simply take some deep breaths and set an intention to open space up for dreaming.

Maybe if a walk isn’t accessible, you can drop your shoulders, stretch your neck, and relax your jaw while you savor a mug of hot tea. Drink dream enhancing herbs like mugwort (to open up the physic channels), rose (to invite in sweetness and an open heart), or tulsi (to calm the mind and nervous system). Invite rest and ease in- we can't cultivate a dream state if we're full (or nerves, anxiety, fear, etc.)


In your evenings, make space for dreaming and visioning. Light your candle again and get your journal out. What dreams are you calling to you right now? Just let yourself free write or draw and see what comes up. Maybe a plant ally makes itself known, maybe a new desire pops up. Be open to whatever your dreams look like, there aren't any rules here. Simply giving yourself space to expand into your intuition and invite creativity, pleasure, and magic in through dreaming is a gift and a way to romance yourself!

If you feel stuck try using a tool like a Dream Deck to pull and meditate on a card, giving yourself an archetype to journal about.


Slip into dreamy states with this Dream Tea Blend, perfect for before bed, or any time you'd like to encourage dreams! 


You'll need: 

2 tsp mugwort - a divinatory herb that can help with lucid dreaming 

1 tsp spearmint - for flavor and clearing out negative energy 

1/2 tsp Passion flower - my favorite nervine, helps with relaxation 

1/2 tsp valerian - helps promote restful sleep 

1/2 tsp orange peel - to call in joyful dreams 

Combine all ingredients in a airtight jar. Steep 1-2 teaspoons in hot water, and enjoy!


To invite in rest and relaxation, try this ultra soothing Dream Bath. Taking time for a relaxing soak is a perfect tool if you are feeling stuck accessing a truly restful state.


You'll need:

1/4 cup Epsom salts

1/4 cup sea salt

small handful of dried or fresh chamomile flower

5 drops lavender, chamomile, or clary sage essential oil

Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, then stir into warm bath water or a foot soak. Step into the warm water and let your mind and body relax!


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