Waste Free and Fabulous: Taking Care of Your Mane Naturally

Shampoo Bars

Do you know about the magic of shampoo bars?! They lather big like regular shampoo directly in your hair without tangling or stripping your hair of its natural oils. No plastic bottle waste, totally biodegradable, and as a bonus they make a fantastic shave soap as well. Shampoo bars are a great waste-free alternative to plastic bottles and chemical filled liquid soaps. Formulated with scalp nourishing oils and butters like Castor oil, Jojoba, and Avocado oil, they are am amazing and nourishing alternative to liquid shampoos. 

I travel a lot for work and wanted to develop a shampoo bar that would be rich and gentle so I could use it for face, hair, body, and shaving all at the same time. I like to pack light for my travels, so a shampoo bar that was a 4-in-1 was ideal! On top on that, I take the soap camping( especially our dirty pup shampoo, which repeals ticks and fleas and is great for both human and animal friends) and cut it into smaller slivers for short trips, spa visits, etc. 

Herbal Hair Rinse 

My hair is thick and wavy so I don't do this rinse often, but it's nice for folks that have fine hair that tends to get greasy or weighed down. An herbal hair rinse also nourishes scalp heath and makes hair shiny and healthy looking! Wash your hair as usual then do a final since with the infused vinegar, restoring balance and health to your hair! Don't worry, the vinegar scent disappears pretty quickly. 

DIY Herbal Hair Rinse
  • 1/4 cup nettle
  • 1/4 cup horsetail
  • 3 T dried lavender
  • 3 T dried rosemary
  • 3 T dried chamomile
  • 3-4  cups apple cider vinegar
  • parchment paper 
  • filtered water or (my favorite) rosemary hydrosol 
  • something to strain the herbs with (cheesecloth, milk bag, strainer)
  • mason jar
  1. Use a glass jar add and add the dried herbs, mixing them up.
  2. Fill the jar with vinegar, covering the herbs. Place a piece of parchment paper between the mouth and the top and cap the jar. Apple cider vinegar makes metal rust so make sure you don't skip this step. Shake the container to make sure all the herbs are covered and combined.
  3. Keep the jar in a dark spot out of heat for 2-6 weeks. Shake it daily, making sure all the herbs remain submerged to prevent mold from growing. Top the jar off with more vinegar as you need to.
  4. After 2-6 weeks strain the herbs out and transfer the infused vinegar to a glass container with a plastic top.
  5. Store the mixture out of sunlight indefinitely. When you're ready to use it as a hair since, simply dilute it 1:1 with filtered water or a hydrosol. This will be shelf stable for 1-6 weeks.  

Hair Serums

Serums and Hair Oils are an amazing addition to your hair care routine. Used all over the world to strengthen hair, create sheen, prevent frizz, and aid in hair growth, these oils are packed with hair and scalp-loving vitamins. Applied right after the shower, the oil makes a wonderful leave-in conditioner as well.

To use: Start with 5-10 drops of serum, massaging it into your hands warm the oils before applying evenly to wet or dry hair. Brush it through or scrunch into your hair. Shiny, Lucious hair- here you come!

Dry Shampoo

I love making my own dry shampoo. It's really easy and most of the ingredients can be find in the kitchen already.

  • 1/4 cup arrowroot powder (I prefer this) or organic cornstarch 
  • 1 Tablespoon Kaolin clay
  • 2 Tablespoons cocoa powder (omit if you have light hair, and instead add in ground chamomile)
  • 5 drops of an essential oil of choice (I like rose and bergamot)
  • An make-up brush or old powder container for easy application
  1. Add the essential oil to your arrow root or corn starch, mix well. Add in the clay and cocoa powder and sift. Store in an air tight jar or an old powder container. 
  2. Apply the dry shampoo as needed between washes. I like the make up brush for easy application, but you can also brush it through with your comb. 

Hair Rituals

Hair care is an amazing opportunity to invite magic and ritual into your daily, weekly or monthly routines! One of my favorite hair rituals is to put honey in my hair while I take a New or Full moon bath, rinsing it out and brushing it mediately while in ritual. Lots of people will also say its better to cut your hair during a certain phase, making a clear connection between the Moon's and our cycles. Follow along here for lots of hair ritual ideas and tell us your personal ones in the comments below! 
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