Venus + Pleasure: A Hot-Witch How-To

There's a sense of change that lingers sweetly in the air as the days get longer and the sun shines brighter. We walk differently in the world, almost as if being pulled forward by the Universe, slowly starting to unfurl as the summer solstice approaches. It's finally Hot Witch Summer, and it's time to set the world ablaze with all of the magic you have to offer. What would it look like to feel embodied to the absolute fullest? What would it feel like to navigate the world feeling empowered and powerful, existing with magical radiance? As you soak up the sun and consider what exactly being a Hot Witch means to you, call on the planetary guide that wants you to feel the juiciness of being alive- call on Venus.


While all planets have a magical super power to offer us in terms of life lesson, Venus is the planet for finding ways to tap into your inner babe. This beauty is the second closest planet to the Sun, and one of the brightest bodies shimmering in the starry night sky, comparable to the moon. When you think of all things romance, pleasure, aesthetics, and love- Venus is right there whispering- no, shouting- words of encouragement. Working with Venus looks like romancing yourself, doting on your body with sensual joy, experiencing pleasure for pleasure's sake, adorning yourself in delicious oils or jewelry, and treating yourself with the love and care you deserve.


And isn't that what being a Hot Witch is all about? Navigating your fuck yes and finding ways to stoke it as much as possible. Everybody's dreams and desires follow a different blueprint, and when you partner with your specific Venus placement you are unlocking the cosmic secrets to what makes you, you. Pleasure doesn't always come easily, but looking to Venus as your North Star can give you a place to start.


To find your Venus placement, explore astrology and dive into your birth chart! Your birth chart contains all the planets in the starry night sky. What people most know is their Sun sign, which can be found by the month they were born. Your Venus sign is can be found within 2 to 3 signs of your Sun sign, but look up your birth chart for the most accurate chart. Below is a basic guide to different Venus placements and how to embody them, but remember- you know you best! Consider this the foundations to your Hot Witch blueprint and explore what does and doesn't feel good.


Aries: Fiery, Driven, passionate, energetic. Embody this energy by becoming a self care warrior. This sign is ruled by Mars and is passionate and determined to advocate for their needs

Taurus: Earthy, Grounded, loyal, productive. Embody this energy by allowing yourself permission to live decadently and rest. This sign is ruled by Venus and has a natural lean towards pleasure.

Gemini: Airy, Experimental, curious, versatile. Embody this energy by trying new things when explore self care and self love. This sign is ruled by Mercury and has way with words and a deep curiosity about the world around them.

Cancer: Watery, Comforting, supportive, reassuring. Embody this energy by allowing yourself the freedom to nurture yourself as you do others. This sign is ruled by the Moon and has a connection with the emotional world around them. Lean into this skill and ask yourself what your emotions are telling you.

Leo: Fiery, Inviting, big hearted, courageous. Embody this energy by wooing yourself as often as you can. This sign is ruled by the Sun and loves to feel truly seen and valued for who they are. Connect with this Venus sign by leaning into play and impressing yourself with self love.

Virgo: Earthy, Detail oriented, nurturing, self sufficient. Embody this sign by noticing the little things. This sign is ruled by Mercury and has a way of paying attention to the details other may miss.

Libra: Airy, playful, artistic, curious. Embody this sign by living authentically and leaning into pleasure. This sign is ruled by Venus and has a natural knack for partnership.

Scorpio: Watery, Deep, thoughtful, magnetic. Embody this sign by honoring the depth of your emotions. This sign is ruled by Pluto and represents transformation and change. Honor this Venus sign by taking time to celebrate your growth, and allow yourself forgiveness.

Sagittarius: Fiery, Free spirited, philosophical, honest. Embody this sign by allowing yourself to step outside of the box. This sign is ruled by Jupiter and craves expansion, adventure, and travel.

Capricorn: Earthy, Stable, consistent, ambitious. Embody this sign by providing yourself a joyful structure. This sign is ruled by Saturn and ages like fine wine, simply gets better with time. Invite in a routine that is stable and allows for growth.

Aquarius: Airy, Unique, inspired, independent. Embody this sign by embracing your individuality. This sign is ruled by Uranus and has a unique take on the world around them.

Pisces: Watery, Dreamy, whimsical, compassionate. Embody this sign by romancing yourself. This sign is ruled by Jupiter and excels in dreaming and manifesting their desires. Romance yourself by treating yourself the way you've always dreamed to be treated


Is this your first time exploring what your Venus sign might mean? Take a minute to sit with how your body is feeling. Do you feel curious or called to explore? Does your body feel excited? These sensations might mean that there is a fuck yeswaiting to be uncovered. Are you noticing any hesitancy, or experiencing thoughts of "no wayyyyyy"? That could be your body offering an invitation to explore further- what does and doesn't feel good? Are these boundaries waiting to be explored?


If your Venus is a fire sign, allow yourself a moment to meditate on what self love means to you. As you explore these thoughts, bask in the Sun and channel the warmth you naturally carry within. If your Venus is an earth sign, remind yourself there is no one way, or perfect way to self care. As you study these thoughts, sit in a grassy area and notice the way the Earth feels beneath your feet. If your Venus is an air sign, take some time to question what self care looks like in yourself in a playfully curious way. As you flip through these thoughts, take a walk and notice the way the wind passes by you. And if your Venus is a water sign, give yourself permission to explore what self love means to you. Ponder over these thoughts as you dip your toes in a body of water, or take a soothing shower or bath.



A Spell to Begin a Relationship With Venus


Using Fire Magic is a beautiful way to bring a spell to life, especially when inviting in something new- like a relationship with Venus. This is a spell that stimulates the senses. You can See the light emanating from the candle, you can Hear the candle flickering as the wick burns, you can Smell the scent of herbs catching light as they burn, and you can Feel the warmth of the candle as your spell is cast and put out into the Universe. The candle becomes an extension of the self and the intention you're setting. It becomes a beautiful life of its own that is passionate about bringing your spell to life.


What you'll need:


Begin your spell by cleansing your space and the tools you'll be using. You can cleanse your space by burning copal incense, or cleansing your area with moon water. Once your space is cleansed, dress your candle a carrier oil- you'll only need a few drops of oil to fully coat the candle. Coat the entire candle, but be careful not to get the wick. This oil will allow you to further dress your candle with herbs, inviting in connection with your intentions. As you massage the oil onto the candle, imagine that this oil is reaching out to the energy you are intending your spell to carry out. This candle is already a vessel for your magic, and it is excited to work with you.


Once you have finished, sprinkle the herbs onto your candle. Begin with Dandelion Root to invite in growth as you begin working with your Venus sign. Next, sprinkle Rose Hips onto your candle to embody the loving and optimistic energy of Venus. Imagine your heart opening up, ready to receive. Now, sprinkle Skullcap onto your candle to deepen your connection with your Venus sign.


Now that you have finished adorning your candle, place it safely in a candle holder and find a tool you regularly adorn yourself with that you feel excited about channeling this magic into. This could be jewelry, make up, or skin care products. Once your have found the tools you'd like to charge with your Venus magic, place them beside your candle, and speak these words.


"I am ready to deepen my relationship with my ____ Venus. "


and light your candle to complete the spell. Sit with the flame and watch it flicker and dance, and notice what sensations come up for you. Try not to pass judgement, simply notice. Your connection to yourself and your pleasure, your Venusian joy, is the fiber of what makes you a Hot Witch, and you get to craft that experience to be exactly what you want it to be.

You are that Hot Witch.

When the candle has burned through, or you have a feeling of completion (whichever comes first), make sure the flame is completely out. Breathe deeply and connect back to your body. Wiggle your toes, wiggle your fingers. Wrap your arms around yourself in a warm embrace if that feels supportive.


As you explore your relationship with your Venus sign, remember that this journey is deeply personal and can be honored in many ways. Give yourself permission to fully submerge in your Venusian energy in a way that feels joyful to you. Venus represents partnership, and you are the partner that they want to build with. Venus is a guide to the parts of you that seek out and experience pleasure and glimmers. How are you showing up for these parts of you? Are you noticing that you've been embodying your Venus sign already without even realizing it? Celebrate the ways you've already been taking care of yourself, and write a permission slip to experience even more pleasure. You're a hot witch and your Venus sign knows it!


If you'd like to learn more about charging magical tools for specific intentions and energies, join us on June 22nd for our Witch of All Trades Skillshare! We'll dive into a guided demonstration and collaborate with other witches and how they incorporate this into their practice.

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