Tools for Opening Psychic Channels: Tea, Tarot, Flower Essences

Over time, human beings have found new ways to glean divine information, and download the wisdom of the universe. Many if not most of those methods originated in the simple and minimal, using what was readily available, necessary, or easily conjured through creative means. We've also blended intuition with folk wisdom - an ability we are all born to nurture. This month's theme of Dreams & Intuition offer space to learn from the ways of the past, as well as create new personal paths for opening psychic channels. One can't help but give rise to the next. Like dreams, we may easily apply what we need to realize in our lives from what we recognize in these methods and paths of divination.
Let's begin with tea leaves. The art of tasseomancy (tea leaf reading) is as old as water, with a rich history to learn many ugly and beautiful lessons from. Humans have had a longstanding brutal history of wanting what they don't have, and hurting others to get it. The tea trade has sadly been no exception. Before reading your leaves, we recommend being mindful of where you source them. This alone is an aspect of reparation and ancestral healing. If you're looking for an easy route towards accessing your creative intuition, tea leaf reading is a wonderful way to go. Through tea leaf reading, you can begin to dissect the symbols and meanings of what is found at the bottom of your teacup. For those who have never before read their tea leaves, here's some basic instruction:
Put a pinch of herbs in a cup and pour boiling water over them, allowing to steep about three minutes. Drink the contents of the cup leaving the leaves and a very small amount of liquid in the bottom. Note the shapes and figures assumed by the leaves. Turn the cup and view from different angles until the symbols refine themselves. You'll perhaps begin to spy a first letter of a name, an animal ally, face, a number, or a certain environment.
Unlike tasseomancy, tarot cards  have less historic drama, but have long been considered taboo. Traditionally, a family may have their own deck created based upon their legacy, or religious beliefs. We now have tarot cards for just about anyone, from the minimalist witch to the unapologetically cat-obsessed. This open array of creators and practitioners has offered a fresh understanding of what intuitive magic looks like, and a new assortment of methodologies to use directly or be inspired by. Tarot can be as simple or broad-ranged as we want it to be. If we aren't yet ready to begin larger readings, we can simply begin with a card a day. In this way, card reading offers a gradual expansion for those wanting it, or a simple daily journal prompt. The cards themselves represent virtues and vices, cautions and receptions. Click here for our recent blog post about beginning a tarot practice!
Flower essences are the absolute most subtle way of talismanic guidance. They're also the most available and personal, since they are so simple and intuitive to craft and utilize. In choosing some flowers (crystals work too), you can let them bathe in purified water under the full moon, and just like that, you've created an essence. You might even call them a natural self-faith enhancer. Imagine looking into a mirror and seeing your own face, as a flower. It sounds strange, but this is what an essence does. In effect, it does nothing other than give you your own guidance back to you, but through the intentional lens of a specific flower. You are guided by your own intuition, but without dedication to it, there will be no outcome. The floral essence asks you to make a promise to yourself, and if you hold its hand along the path, it'll hold yours right back.
We recommend making some space and trying each of these psychic tools for yourself! If you have an open morning to evening, set some intentions, put the kettle on, and shuffle your favorite deck of tarot cards. Perhaps ask your cards what kind of intention you should place in your flower essence, if you intend on making one yourself. Note what your tea leaves may have in store for you too - they are sure to have a message related to the energy of the cards if done in tandem.
Below are instructions on how to make your own flower essence:
  1. Small glass bowl
  2. Small glass jar
  3. Mesh strainer
  4. Scissors
  5. Spring water
  6. Organic alcohol (such as brandy), apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerin
  1. When you're collecting your flowers, you should have a few hours of consistent daylight. If making a moon essence, choose a night when the moon is full.
  2. Sit with the plant you wish to work with, or introduce them by setting on your altar while you read cards, cook, or clean. Ask permission to use these flowers as medicine, and tune into any messages you may receive.
  1. Once you have determined which flower you will use, prepare your bowl. Fill the bowl with spring water, and place it near your flowers. It should be level and have direct access to sunlight.
  2. Using your scissors, cut each blossom close to the base, placing them flat and ideally faced up. Cover the top of the bowl with one even layer of flowers.
  3. You may offer an affirmation or intention to the bowl if desired, or to each flower.
  4. When the bowl is full, take a moment to say thank you, and ask that the essence reach its full potential for healing.
  1. Allow the essence to sit in the sunlight for approximately 3-4 hours, or overnight under the full moon.
  2. When the essence is finished infusing, preserve it by pouring it through a mesh strainer into a clean glass jar with your alcohol, apple cider vinegar, or vegetable glycerin at a 50:50 dilution. Be sure to label your bottle.
  3. You now have a preserved mother essence. To make a stock essence, add 10 drops of the mother essence to a 60 mL bottle filled with 50:50 spring water and alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin.

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