The Magic of Lavender

Welcome to a brand new cycle. 2020 is the year of the Emperor, acting as the perfect representative for our January theme of Structure, Goals, and Work. He is often depicted upon a carved rock throne, wearing a soft cape- as well as a partially concealed armor underneath. Let this be our seasonal cosplay, offering soft warmth for ourselves and to others who may need it, as well as internal protection and well established boundaries. This year could very well be a tough one, as we learn to navigate new ways of thinking and functioning. Adding some soft structure to our day-to-day is foundational for the more dense routines of self-care and radical healing. Think of this first month of the new year as the germination phase of the beautiful and strong roots that are to come.

​Imagine yourself as the Emperor, standing strong as a mountain. You are safe. The warmth of your cape is comforting, and smells of sweet lavender. The wind blows, and the calming fragrance carries for miles and miles. Your presence alone is powerful magic. Like the Emperor, lavender is here to show support through serene strength and grace. It is resistant to weather extremes, and casually continues to grow in soil too poor for other plants to survive in. It also returns every spring without much coaxing. It wants to be here, and reminds us that we have a purpose to be here too. That simply existing can sometimes be enough.

A long used and cherished herb, lavender has been known and taken up by herbalists, healers, magical practitioners and witches of many origins and eras, offering an array of remedies as vast as those who have worked with it. Originally thought to be from North Africa and the Mediterranean, lavender quickly found roots in all all corners of the world. The fragrance speaks to its capacity to heal and protect, support and regulate. An easy to dry plant, you may hang a bunch behind your front door to protect those within and to share gratitude with the house itself. If worn, it protects from ill will and self-sabotage. The smell is sweet and lingering, topped with the slightest sharp echo of mint, reflective of its family of origin. Lavender shares this botanical territory with basil, thyme, lemon balm, oregano, rosemary, and sage amongst others. When spending time with them all, you'll notice a balmy aromatic resemblance which is refreshing and soothing in the same breath.

​It's no wonder that the magical uses of lavender so closely parallel its practical healing properties. In fact, it may be the perfect introduction to magic for those magically-dubious-but-still-open-minded friends and family members. You know that auntie who went to nursing school but felt conflicted about standard medical practices, or the neighbors kid who seems especially good with the garden chores? Plant some magically charged practical lavender wisdom with them! As an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, lavender oil supports healthy immune system and respiratory functioning. It also lowers cortisol levels, making space for better sleep and cognitive activity. From this perspective, it's easy to see the magical effects of calming anxiety, healing the heart, encouraging clear thought, and promoting love. Yes, love. When we are calmer within ourselves, we have the scope to see who we and others are, and be a little more accepting in a world that wants us to judge. Lavender says yes to the simple joy of existing, to giving, receiving, and experiencing pleasure in all facets, to slowing down, and to balancing the internal scales of firm and calm. Strong and soft. Sub and dom. There is a vastness of thresholds that lavender ushers us towards, based on what we need at any given time. All it asks is that you trust yourself, and it's here to support that process.

If you're looking for some simple spellwork to embody the Emperor and introduce the magical nature of Lavender into this new year, we suggest using lavender essential oil paired with some well sourced carrier oils, such as Seagrape's Lavender Bath + Body Oil. Take a few moments to establish your space, cast and call if that suits your practice, ground and deeply breathe in the fragrance. Once ready, you may either empty a dropper of oil into your bathtub with the Emperor in mind, or rub between your hands and anoint your body during a hot shower. You may also choose to soak with a lavender-infused bath salt, such as our Rest + Relax muscle soothing soaking blend. As you cleanse, continue to breathe deeply and consider your power. You embody a wealth of possibility. What do you want to see come to fruition during this new year? What work are you willing to do to see it through? What will you release, and what will you welcome in? How will you bask in your own beauty during this new cycle?
As you think, allow your senses to unfurl with the support of lavender's magic. Once you've completed your cleansing and relaxing ritual, follow up with a journal entry. Take a few moments to enjoy a pot of tea (lavender and chamomile, perhaps), light a candle such as a Magic Hour "Mercury" (to tap into Lavender's ruling planet), or our small scent-free lavender colored spell candle, and write some of your newly rooted thoughts and intentions. Perhaps write as a letter to yourself, full of self-adoration, appreciation, and sweet support for the coming year.

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