Tending Your Inner Witch: Tarot Spread for the Witch's Season

As witches, the way we show up for ourselves matters; when our intuition offers us information about our needs, we're able to practice self-tending. Every act of pleasure and joy affirms our intuitive body's desire to be nourished, allowing us to honor our inner yes when it rises up from the depths. Self care and intuition are an ouroboros, babe. Our self-tending practices are informed by our needs, and as Witching Season marches on and we step out of the broom closet to bask in our magic, the ebb and flow between intuition and self-care has never been stronger.


The season of the Witch beckons us towards the juicy discomfort of the unknown. Major life transitions, rocky starts, and joyful messes abound as October blooms into fullness! Now is a potent time to turn towards those creature comforts and remember to self-soothe and self-tend. The Earth may be sailing without an anchor now, but that doesn't mean you have to!


As we glide on through this energetic current, much like a gust of wind, it's easy to lose sight of pleasure and get swept away in the demands of living. All living beings must balance acts of care with practical responsibilities in some way, shape or form. These wild times we're living and witching our way through can often leave us with lingering overwhelm, burnout, fatigue—but listening to our spirit's call to return home to pleasure can help us thrive in less than ideal circumstances. Remember babe: you're an evolving being with a shifting capacity, and you're allowed to rest when needed. The way you show up for yourself in your current phase might necessitate a shift in your self-care practice — this is okay. Life is cyclical and you're allowed to meet yourself where you are.


As the world spins and our needs fluctuate, undulate, and transform, how can we honor ourselves and tune back into our core desires and needs? How can we offer ourselves support as we dance through the entanglement of great transformation and turbulence? How can we find moments of resplendent pleasure in the liminal spaces between periods of change? This spread can offer guidance for anchoring into the spirit in pleasure during times of turmoil.


You will need:

Anything else that makes your space feel magical and cozy (candles, aromatherapy, a blanket, etc.)


Cleanse your space and give yourself a moment to ground. Inhale deeply, feeling your lungs expand as fully as is comfortable. Exhale in a whoosh and allow your body to gently sink in. Repeat this a few times, or as many times as feels good. When you're ready to begin, shuffle your deck and pull your cards.



What is my spirit craving that I’m not offering myself already?


What tools do I already have to meet this need?


How can I tend to this need as I enter this next phase?


A message from spirit.


As you navigate these prompts, remember to do so with gentleness. With this spread, you're taking time to stoke your intuition and offer yourself care! What a gift to be able to decipher what is needed and when, and to be able to give yourself permission to rest. You don't need all the answers right now — you're doing an amazing job just integrating these messages. Offer yourself as much time as you need to process, ponder, and muse. 


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