Tending Your Inner Witch: Finding Your Magic Through Glimmers

Fall is a potently magical season to exist in- they don't call it the Season of the Witch for nothing, babe! The air is taking on a cool, crisp feeling, glimmers are abound and plentiful. There is a current of change flowing in the air, and turning inward to examine your magical glimmers and what makes you the witch that you are has never felt so right.

Glimmers are the life moments that feel particularly sparkly and happy- and for a witch those also show up magically. Maybe it's the flutter in your heart when the wind starts weaving in your hair and you feel certain a spirit is speaking to you. Or the laugh of joy that bubbles up inside when you're sitting around the campfire watching the flames dance. Perhaps it's your hands tingling in anticipation as you shuffle your tarot deck, or the long, deep pull on your spirit whenever you look at something that feels special to you. These are all glimmers of affirmation that magic is alive and embodied through you. When you are attuned to yourself and your magic you're able to create a flow of communication about it, and the effect is twofold; the depth in which you connect to yourself deepens further as you understand what magic feels good for you and lights you up, and you create vocabulary for yourself that allows you to connect with community around you.

Attunement with your magic can be obtained by naming for yourself what feels right and then finding ways to stoke it that feel joyfully authentic. You've likely heard of folks who are a kitchen witch, a folk witch, a green witch, etc. These are witches who have navigated the ebbs and flows of their magic and found identities that felt in alignment. You don't need to have a specific witchy title in order for your magic to be valid- basking in the power of naming your joy and practice is its own special form of magic.

How do you decide what your magic is, and what does it mean when you're feeling called to multiple areas of interest? Often times a witch may feel that pull to try everything and learn it all when they haven't quite deciphered what their magic is yet- and if this is you, you're not alone babe! Learning to identify your magical glimmers and tugging on those threads can help you decipher what your heart is calling for and what the roots of your magic look like. This ritual below invites you into a moment of pause to intentionally create space for glimmers to present themselves, and is great for both witches who are still getting their landing and witches who are solid on their feet.


A Ritual for Bringing in Magical Glimmers

For this ritual you will need:

  • a cleansing spray

  • a journal + pen

  • something to keep track of time (if you like that)

  • a tarot deck or other divination tool (optional)

  • anything else that would make you feel cozy and supported!

Create a space that feels sacred to you. Cleanse the air and focus on your intention, I am open to receiving glimmers of my magic.

Settle into your space with your tools and bring yourself into your body again by taking three deep breaths. Bring your intention to mind and start humming to yourself- as quietly or loudly as feels good. Sway your body as you breathe if that feels comfortable. Take three more deep breaths while humming and thinking your intention, I am open to receiving glimmers of my magic.

Grab your journal and pen, set a timer for 10 minutes if you wish, and ask yourself "what type of magic feels exciting to me?" Begin freely writing whatever thoughts, words, or ideas come to mind. Let your stream of consciousness freely flow for about 10 minutes, or however long feels good. Give yourself permission to let your mind wander and your words to pour out uninterrupted and unfiltered. Whatever thoughts are coming to you in this space are intuitive messages that you can interpret later, but for now just let them pour out.


When you feel like you've written all you can, come back to your body again by gently swaying and massaging your hands together. When you're feeling ready, look over what you've written. Are there any themes standing out to you? If you're seeking clarity, try pulling a card and asking "what is the theme of this?" Make a list of the themes presenting themselves. Consider the following as you inspect these magical themes: What does your body feel as you see these areas of interest laid out? Where do you notice curiosity and excitement in your body? Maybe it's a warming sensation in your palms or a lurch in the soles of your feet calling you to action.

Once you've identified what feels curious, rank them on a scale of 1-10, or however many interests you've found, 1 being "I must practice this immediately". Navigate these one subject at a time, starting with what felt the most exciting- bonus witchy points if you align the start of that with a full or new moon. Try and give yourself a moon cycle to navigate the subject of your curiosity so that you have time to go in depth and explore. If you're feeling pulled into a sense of urgency of learning it all and doing it all, consider this a gentle invitation to slow down and take the time to get to know yourself.

Notice as you move through different themes where your mind and heart are drawn to and how it makes you feel. Do you have any moments that feel like a glimmer? This could be a sign that you're on the right track. You could also receive spirit signs while practicing: if you're trying a tarot deck for the first time but your mind keeps wandering to the oracle deck you worked with two weeks ago, your intuition might be telling you something.

Life and learning are not linear, and exploring different interests is how you grow as a human and continue to be in relationship with your magic. There is no right or wrong way (unless your practice is causing harm). Consistently showing up for yourself and your practice is a small act of devotion and is action in and of itself. A witch who knows themself is a force to be reckoned with. You learn what is in alignment with your values and what you desire from your practice. As you learn, being discerning and curious will be your greatest asset. What is the origin of the magic you're called to? Have any marginalized communities been harmed as that flavor of magic gained common acceptance? Magical practices have a political history and it is likely that you will bump into sticky subjects, and even magic that isn't for you no matter how much you want it. This is an excellent resource to help navigate discernment in a witchy world filled with lots of available info.

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