Tarot Practice for Tapping into Your Body Wisdom

Engaging with our intuition every day, trusting it, leaning in, and reflecting on what we learn can help us grow and strengthen our connection to our intuition. One ritual practice that can bring you an easy daily connection to your intuition is a daily tarot or oracle card pull. Tarot is a tool not just for big, life changing moments - new job, new relationships, or new heartbreak - but it can be a message from Spirit and your intuition on a daily basis. By pulling a card every morning and journaling about the messages revealed to you, you are empowering your intuition and investing in your magical practice. 


Start by choosing a deck that speaks to you - The Rider-Waite-Smith deck is the classic Tarot deck, and many artists have produced fascinating interpretations of the images. When choosing a deck, it is most helpful to find art and language that you personally are drawn to. Your intuition will tell you if the deck you choose will be a powerful magical tool for you - being delighted, moved, or inspired by the art of the cards is a clear message from your intuition!  


Set your scene by settling in a comfortable space, taking a few deep breaths, shuffle your deck while thinking of an open ended question, and then pull a card! Open ended questions allow for room for your intuition and decision making, without being prescriptive! The question that  I use for my daily pulls is “What do I need to know today?” Other good intro questions include “What does Spirit want me to know?” or “What is a message from my intuition?”  The card you pull is the answer to your question!


Set your daily card somewhere you can see it frequently, like on your vanity, fridge, or Altar. You can always snap a photo of your card and set it as your phone background, carry it with you, or simply shuffle it back into the deck when you are finished writing. This ritual is yours to personalize


Use a journal to help tap into your intuition - write down what you think when you look at the card you’ve pulled, how does it make you feel? What are the colors, symbols, and facial expressions trying to tell you? Trust your intuition, and divine the cards' meaning for yourself. Practice integrating your daily card into your self care - maybe use your card as outfit inspiration (the queen of pentacles has serious swag right?), dance like the group in the 3 of cups, go swim in a river like the Star card! (But maybe careful not to walk off any actual cliffs like the Fool!)


As the month progresses - flex your intuition muscles with a longer three-card spread every week, and a new and full moon ritual. These three card spreads can be a weekly personal check in, a practice at reading multiple cards together, and an opportunity to receive an extended message from your intuition. 


Three Card Spread: Body / Earth / Wisdom  


Card 1: How can I tend to my body?

Card 2: What will help me feel grounded? 

Card 3: What is my body telling me? 


Full Moon Spread: Head / Heart / Gut 

Card 1: How can I tend to my emotions?

Card 2: What does my heart need? 

Card 3: What messages am I ignoring? 


New Moon Spread: Body / Soul / Together 

Card 1: How is my body feeling?

Card 2: How is my soul feeling?

Card 3: How can I integrate my body and soul? 


With these spreads - use the messages you receive from the tarot and your intuition to inform your physical self care and connection to your body. You pulled The Fool for “card 1?” Try something new like a new recipe! Pulled “The Lovers” for “card 2?” Try some self pleasure magic! Pulled The Hanged Person for “card 3?” try meditating for 15 minutes. Our intuition and our bodies are deeply connected, and it’s important to use one to inform the care of the other.  


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