Tarot as Intuitive Practice for Dreamwork

Dreams can be a comfort, an inside joke with one’s self, a personal lullaby after the stressors of the day. They can also be a door to one’s subconscious, providing an echo of one’s gut instincts. Giving warning or pause on those situations you may have rushed passed without a glance or consideration. They can be a request to slow down and give attention to a past unhealed hurt or a playground to imagine new creations for tomorrow’s art. Knowing how such messages are communicated within yourself is a skill that can connect you to a wealth of knowledge and guidance. As tarot communes with similar aspects, it can be a practice that strengthens your inner mind and act as a magical tool to give language to that which speaks through imagery, space, allegory, and essence. 
As with any practice, especially those that help you connect with new energy, engage at your own pace and comfort level. Be sure to check in with your emotional state, ensuring that you are gentle and compassionate to your process and your journey. Tarot can ask us difficult questions in ways we have never considered, guiding us down inner roads that are uncleared and rocky. But with sure-footedness we can explore new ravines and meadows in all their uncharted beauty. Both tarot and dreamwork are not immune to the biases and societal narratives that permeate your waking world, making it that much more important to create supportive and cleared spaces to practice within. Allow this time to be one where you recieve and explore with childlike curiosity and wisdom. As you practice in tarot you will be able to show your psyche how safe it is to play, trust, feel, share, and explore. You can create the playground for your intuition to flex, stretch, and grow.      
Practicing tarot to support dreamwork can look like learning the names and meanings of our own iconography. Images and archetypes have the ability to communicate such varied messages to us, informed by our ancestors, personal experience, land we are upon, connection with elements, and spirit. For example, knowing your own relationship to water when you see the Moon card or an ocean within your dream can help you begin that conversation. Try taking a card from your tarot deck and name all the aspects within the iconography that resonate with you. Notice the colors, the space between each symbol, the relationship of figures upon the card, and the meaning they illustrate. Do this before bed, maybe while drinking tea with mugwort in it as it is a powerful psychic opener and a gentle guide to the unknown. Try tucking the card under your pillow to invite it's Magic and energy into your dream realm. When you wake, be that after an intense dream or in the morning, write or draw your downloads. If you don't recall your dreams try doing some automatic writing. Chances are your subconscious will start to come through as intuitive messages. Consider pulling cards for clarity around your dream, allowing yourself to be the mediator between tarot and your dream. As you incorporate this into your routine, cue into those images that are echoed in your physical realm, and make notes to what you felt within your body when your notice occurred. Enjoy this exploration and let yourself float upon the wave of your subconscious, knowing it is always there to whisper words of wisdom when you are open and ready.

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