Taking Root: Mud Magic: Connecting with the Soil

Those who work with the land know there's no simpler medicine than grounding yourself into the soil, tending to the earth, and engaging in the dance of reciprocity. When you tend to the land, creating space for life and growth, you tend to yourself in the same motion; creating nourishment and livelihood. The plants that thrive are the ones whose roots are unshakable, firmly burrowed into the ground, stretching as far as is needed to provide nourishment and support. How would you thrive if you could trust that your roots would hold you? Grounding into yourself and creating an anchor establishes a level of trust within yourself that will render you truly unstoppable. 

We love partnering with the earth, and clay is one of the best ingredients to pull from the earth for cleansing. In a magical sense, a mud mask is a great way to form that earth connection. It is the physical form of plant particles, animals and minerals. The smaller pieces of life that are often overlooked are essential foundations to any thriving habitat. These are the nutrients that allow the plants to thrive, providing a stable anchor of nourishment. Clay is extracted from the dirt and broken into little pieces and dried to remove impurities, often going through these steps repeatedly until the desired result is achieved. It is quite the transformative process undertaken before arriving at its final destination, in front of you. 


If we're seeking the energies of taking root, grounding, connecting to earth, or ancestral work—mud masks are the simplest way to make these connections.


Clay holds the wisdom and secrets of the land. It is the biological footprint of everything that has ever existed in one place. People that have passed, animals that have wandered through, plants moving through the cycle of life. When we engage with this piece of the earth we are opening ourselves to the magic of these ancestors and the lessons they’ve learned. Those who spread their roots learned how far and deep they needed to go in order to get the support they needed. We too can connect with these lessons by taking time to slow down and reflect inward. The beauty of engaging with a mud mask is that it requires a moment of stillness; this is one bit of magic that can’t be rushed. As the earth hardens on your skin you are given the opportunity to come back to your body, space to reflect and contemplate. 


The next time you're wanting this magic, try this spell: 


Grab your favorite mask or clay. This one is a shop favorite! If you'd like to make your own, here's some to consider: bentonite clay is a classic for removing impurities and toxins. White kaolin clay helps unclog pores and absorbs excessive oil. Green clay heals and cleanses and is ideal for folks with sensitive skin.

Mix with a liquid. Apple cider vinegar is great for acne prone skin, and oil adds that silky luxurious feel. You could even amplify your ritual by using lunar charged water. As you’re mixing the mud with your menstruum (a solvent used to mix materials), notice the intricacies in the way the mud mixes, the way it reacts to the liquid. Allow yourself space to move slowly and with awe at the lands creations.

Apply the mask to face while focusing on your intention; my roots are intrinsically twisted and adapt as needed to keep me nourished. Allow yourself a moment of vulnerability and bareness so that you may be open to receiving as you engage with this magicked mud. 

While the mask is hardening, tune into your body. Where are you holding tension? Can you walk yourself through a couple of deep breaths and release? Can you move your limbs in a small (or large) dance? Touch your feet to the ground or place your hands palm down onto a surface near you. Notice the way your weight lingers, where pressure is applied. Draw on your inner strength as you inhale. Exhale with a huge gust of air and release. Once you’ve released this tension, visualize a glowing stream of light coursing down your center and out of the connection point. Envision a web of energy connecting and grounding you here, and imagine roots. They are slowly stretching and growing, digging deeply and firmly. Sit with this feeling of rootedness for as long as feels comfortable or until the mask is dry, about 15 minutes. 


As you cleanse the mask from your face, offer gratitude to both the mud and yourself. Remember that compost is part of the process: you’re returning those elements back to earth and releasing pieces that no longer serve you. You can trust that the earth is holding you. 

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