Sunshine Magic: Sun Tea

Living in the Pacific Northwest where it’s cold and dreary for large parts of the year makes the summertime that much more exciting. When I first moved here, I was so moved by the way people in Portland embraced the summer - eating on patios, windows of businesses thrown open, everyone walking on the waterfront - it was so joyous to see everyone enjoying the sunshine! 

Michelle Tea’s interpretation about The Sun tarot card in her book Modern Tarot is all about harmony and being in your element - she states “The Sun card represents the dichotomy of the conscious and the unconscious minds, and when it arrives, it means those two aspects of your psyche are in a skillful, harmonious balance.”  When the Sun shows up, we are in touch with all parts of ourselves and are shining as our true authentic selves - which is really something to celebrate! 

Thinking about this season - Pride Season, early summer, sunshine - we are being asked to celebrate ourselves! Celebrate being in our bodies, pleasure, and enjoying the life that you have. 

If you are looking to call the celebratory energy of the Sun into your life, there’s a very simple way to do it - go out and sunbathe babe! Get yourself a soft blanket, get as naked as you’re comfortable with, apply that sunscreen and go lay out! Read a book, take a picnic, and definately take some selfies (and share them with us via social media!) Allow yourself to fully relax as you worship the sun - take a few deep breaths and thank the Sun for all it does for the earth. 

To have even more Sun magic, try brewing some magical sun tea. This is a super customizable recipe, and all you need is a sunny window or porch, a jar, and some herbs! And of course - a sunshiny day! 

Consider making a pleasure altar outside for your sun tea to brew in - set out some flowers or greenery (I like sunflowers or calendula for really invoking that sun magic!) your sunbathing station, and play some music that makes you feel really juicy to soak in the sun while your sun tea brews. When you steep your tea in the sun with intention, you are inviting in the vitality and abundance of solar energy to your water! Adding additional herbs or even a tincture or flower essence and creating a little sun tea altar can make this ritual really personal and joyful. 

Take your jar, fill it with herbs and tea, and then set it in a sunny spot for about two hours. When you steep your tea in the sun with intention, you are inviting in the solar energy and the bright stable energy to the water! Adding additional herbs or ingredients can make this ritual really personal. Then, strain or pull your herbs out, toss a few ice cubes in a glass, and pour yourself a drink! Store the rest of your tea in the fridge for 3-4 days to drink later.


Some Sun Tea blends include: 

Vitality: Black tea, Ginger, and Mint - as you stir in your herbs, take some deep breaths and whisper a few words of thanks to your body. Your breath is your vitality, and ginger and mint both support the lungs and circulation. 


Pleasure: Hibiscus, Honey, Strawberry - indulge in the sweetness of the honey as you make your tea, lick it off your fingers and remember that you are just as sweet and deserve all the pleasure in the world.  


Clearing: Rosemary, Lemonbalm, Mint - rosemary, mint, and lemon balm are all protective and clearing herbs. If you are able, take a few sprigs and do a fresh herbal brush down - start at your head and swipe the herbs across your skin, imagining you are brushing off any negativity and clearing your energy. Discard the herbs you’ve used to brush down with, and add fresh ones to your tea. 


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