Seeing Dreams: Herbal Essences for Heightened Imagination

Our imagination is alive, and like any living energy, it deserves to be tended, nurtured, and admired. The imagination needs encouragement in order to grow. Because a vibrant imagination is inherently tied to our magic, it's vital that we do the work to heal our ability to dream. Make no mistake, witches—envisioning, dreaming, and imagining are radical acts.


When we let our imagination run wild, we affirm to ourselves and the world that our desires are worthy of consideration.


Tending to your imagination is self-care of the highest order—but what does this look in a magical practice? How do we care for our dream world in the day to day, and how to do we make time and space for visioning in a world that encourages jadedness and apathy?


Herb and flower essences are some of the most tender, subtle, and potent medicines a witch can incorporate into their practice. Herbal essences are the energetic blueprint of the plants they are made with, and don't have any constituents in them. Due to this they are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding folks, though they are still potent medicine and need to be treated as such! Plant essences affect the energetic body more than the physical body and are lovely vibrational remedies that can shift the feeling of your space, body, and mood.

Herbal essences are infinitely adaptable—because they're distilled into a mixture of water and alcohol to be shelf stable, they can be added to aura sprays, diffusers, bath soaks, drinks, and used topically on pulse points.

Try incorporating a few of the following herbal essences into moments of dreaming and imagining as an act of devotion to yourself!


Angelica Essence

Encourages transcendence, allowing you to cross through into dream realms with ease. A highly protective essence best suited for those who struggle to put faith in their imagination.


Star Tulip Essence

Enhances receptiveness to dreams, symbolism, and subtle energies.


Mugwort Essence

Heightens awareness in dreaming states, and intensifies the unconscious realms.


Forget-Me-Not Essence 

Strengthens communication between the subconscious and the conscious, as well as the spirit and physical realms.


John's Wort Essence

Strengthens and protects the energy bodies to support dreaming and envisioning.


Find even more magical essences on our website!

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