Seeing Dreams: Candle Spell for Envisioning the Subtle Bodies

Each of us can commune with our subconscious, strengthen our intuition, and deepen our understanding of subtle energies.

Developing a consistent intuitive practice is a matter of curiosity, dedication, and compassion—not a matter of knowledge or experience.

So why is it that many beginner witches find themselves overwhelmed, nervous, and outright afraid to take the first step towards connecting with their subconscious? When witches talk about the subtle realms, more often than not, the language takes a turn for the ethereal, leaving newer witches isolated and without the resources they need.


When we envision our subconscious, we connect to our physical bodies in the process, allowing us to unearth stuck emotions, energies, and experiences. The simple act of acknowledging this space and its power over us can help us to ground our feelings in what's tangible to us: our body, and our environment.


Use this candle spell to aid in visualizing the realm of your subconscious, and connecting to your inner world with gentleness, curiosity, and a genuine desire to understand.


You will need:

  • One black candle 

  • A candle holder

  • Something to carve your candle with

  • An eye pillow or blindfold (a folded up t-shirt works just as well!)


Cast this spell at or around the new moon, at night, when the sky is at its darkest—the dark moon phase of the lunar cycle is the ideal time for deep introspection.


Gather all of your materials in a place of sanctuary. Your bedroom, a bathroom, or a quiet place outside will work wonderfully. Before you begin, set an intention—something like "My conscious and subconscious mind work together with synergy," or "I am deeply connected and in tune with my own subtle energies." Think of this intention as a greeting. In this spell, you may confront energies that feel strange and new. Allow this intention to ground you, and remember that you're safe in your body.


Once you've set your intention, begin carving the shape of an eye into the base of your candle. Imagine this eye is one of your own, or imagine it's the All-Seeing eye. Symbolically, the eye is a powerhouse; it can indicate clairvoyance, second Sight, judgement, wisdom, precognition, enlightenment, and visions, among other things. As you carve the eye into the base of your candle, hold your intention in your mind, and consider what this symbol means for you.


Once your candle is carved—holding your intention in your mind—light your candle. Get into a comfortable position, and let your gaze linger on your candle for as long as you need. Feel your physical eyes soften and blur, and as they do, visualize your All-Seeing eye blinking slowly open. Give yourself time to transition from one "sight" to the next, and when you feel ready, cover your eyes with your blindfold.


Try to discern the location of your All-Seeing eye within your body. With your physical eyes covered, what images come to mind? Where do these images exist within your body? Do they exist outside of your body, above you or in front of you? Scan your body for sensitivity, from top to bottom. What physical sensations and emotions arise as you bring your attention to each new area? With your eyes covered, your other senses may be heightened. What do you smell, hear, taste, feel?


Sit in this space for as long as you need. Be curious—feel as deeply into your body's senses as you can. Let yourself soften, even if you feel confused or frustrated at times. When at last you feel ready to surface, scan your body one last time. Reach toward any lingers images, and thank them for appearing to you. Then, remember your breath, and remove your blindfold.


If you feel called to, do some journaling about your experience in the subtle realms after you've grounded. If you're looking to develop your intuition, your body-mind connection, or simply looking to relax, return to this practice as often as you like!

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