Rot & Rebirth: What Fungi Can Teach Us

The message of the tree is clear - stand tall and proud, sink your roots in deep. The message of the flower is transparent - lift your head towards the sun, bloom without competition. But what is the message of the mushroom? What can we learn from these intrepid, unique, and varied allies?


To understand the message of the mushroom, we must first accept transformation and change as essential to growth. The Tower and The Death card show us this magic as well - we can only truly embrace a new story once we let go of the old ways that no longer serve us. The mushroom too, encourages us to release. Through the decay of the forest floor, the mushroom rises up, transforming old rot into new life. You also hold the power to compost, to turn old narratives on their head, to find new life through rotten histories, colonialism, and patriarchy. The change is waiting, the compost is steaming, are you ready to turn it over?


Mushrooms also teach us a story of connection and community. Did you know the oldest and largest living creature on the planet is an interconnected web of Honey Mushrooms spanning more than 6 kilometers and estimated to be over 2,400 years old? Their web of connection is largely underground, and they share nutrients, information, and keep each other healthy. What does your community look like? Who do you reach for when you need to share, to support, and to celebrate?


New Moon Mushroom Meditation


Mushroom magic is all about transformation, release, and community. Try this meditation on a new moon (or any time you feel called), to enhance the energy of clearing to make room for new growth. You will need:


  • a piece of paper + pen

  • a black piece of string

  • a plant pot, or a safe natural area to bury your paper

  • Optional: earth aligned crystal like moss agate or aventurine. The Death Tarot card


Begin your ritual at sunset, and take a few deep breaths, to ender a meditative space. Take a few moments to bring your attention to your surroundings - the ground under your feet, the air on your face, and your breath. When you are ready, take your piece of paper and begin to free write about anything you are ready to let go of. This could be stories you are telling yourself about your worth, a job situation you want to be different, habits that no longer support you, or more. Let any tears fall, and remember to breathe and ground yourself in the present moment.

When you are done writing, fold your paper as tightly as it will go. Wrap it in the black string, and state your affirmation "I am letting go of these things" (name them to get even more specific!) Then, bury your paper either in a houseplant or somewhere safe outside. Thank the earth for composting these energies into something new and nourishing for you.

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