Pleasure as Magical Touchstone - 3 Practices Rooted in Desire

Pleasure is a truly unique way to tap into your personal magic. Letting the sensations, activities, and textures that bring you joy guide your decisions is a truly powerful way to constantly tap into your intuition. Even though we live in a time where not every aspect of our daily lives can be pleasurable, we can strive to incorporate pleasure into every part of our lives. 


Our theme this month is “Body As Sanctuary” - the idea that our bodies are inherently a safe space for us; worthy of love, pleasure, and softness- our homes.


Treat your body like the sacred Altar it is - worship yourself like you would a lover, be soft with your petals like a new flower, and understand you have the same strength as a rooted tree.


Take some time this month to explore your body’s desires. Get embodied, get juicy, and have some fun with it! 


These Desire Rituals are intended to build on one another, and address different facets of your pleasure. Try keeping a dedicated pleasure journal, and revisiting these prompts over the course of several months. You’ll see your pleasure grow and shift as you become more in tune with your desires! 


Ritual: Dream Date! 


When we are able to fill our own cup, it’s easier to show up and support our loved ones and communities from a place of authentic joy. Plan a date for yourself as a ritual to fill your own cup with pleasure!

Plan it out as if you were taking someone else on a date, but you get to do all your own favorite things! Maybe this looks like waking up early, or sleeping in. Having a leisurely breakfast, or a smoothie at the park. Write yourself a love letter to read while you take a luxurious bath. Or try that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing near by!

Whatever you decide to do, allow yourself to really embrace the idea of courting yourself. At the end of your day-long ritual, be sure to take some time to reflect and journal. What parts of the day feel easy, or is there something that feels sticky? Was it hard to take an entire day? Is there something you felt like you missed out on during the day? 


Ritual: Sexual Pleasure Inventory 


Understanding our sexual desire is a key element of understanding our bodies and our pleasures. Sexuality is so often shamed, or framed as purely for another’s gratification.


We don’t often get opportunities to explore our own needs, turn ons, and pleasurable sensations.


Begin your ritual by entering into a sensual headspace. Maybe this looks like putting on some sexy music, doing a self body massage, taking a few drops of an aphrodisiac potion, or wearing your favorite comfy clothes! Whatever it is, just make sure it leaves you feeling juicy. Open your journal, and begin to free write about what brings you sexual pleasure. Don’t worry about complete sentences, structure, or what anyone else might think. If you’d like some guidance about how to begin understanding your sexual desires, this “Yes, No, Maybe” list is a super comprehensive place to start! 


When we’re able to understand and communicate our sexual desires, we are honoring our pleasure! 


Ritual: Pleasure Spell Pouch 

This spell pouch is a literal pleasure touchstone. Carry it with you as a grounding reminder that pleasure is accessible always! 


You will need: 


1 small pouch (or two pieces of fabric sew together. Lace, silk, or faux fur would be especially sexy and perfect!) 


¼ cup any/ all of these mixed dried flowers:

rose for self love

lavender for soothing

jasmine for sensuality

hibiscus for beauty 


1 pinch of cinnamon for abundance and energy 


1 carnelian gemstone for passion and creativity 


1 handwritten love letter, sigil, or other personal item to make this pleasure pouch for you 


Add all your ingredients to your pouch. As you sew or close it up, speak a pleasure affirmation out loud.



“Pleasure is my Right”

“I find Pleasure Easily”

“My body is my sanctuary”


Carry this with you, or add it to your altar for pleasure magic!  


Want to dive even deeper with magical practices and an amazing community? We invite you to join our private Seagrape Babes online network! 


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