Moth Magic - The Power and Necessity of Grief

Butterflies are beautiful. They elegantly teach us how to grow and take flight through the efforts of patience, and letting nature run its course in our lives and spirits. Their vibrant colors and carefree temperament reflect our inner states of naturally existing joy, which is always there as part of our emotional colorwheel. Beginning as caterpillars and transforming into a creature of flight, they symbolize rebirth, change, innocence, and hope.
But what about their cousin, the earthy and nocturnal moth? Just like butterflies, they start as larvae and build a safe space for themselves to grow in. They are also pollinators; a vital part of the ecosystem. They work at night, ensuring the continual growth of the precious plants and medicines of each region they live in. While in their cocoon, they also undergo dramatic change, emerging as very different beings than they once were- yet still themselves. Like butterflies, moths also retain memory. They don't begin as fresh life forms, but have the capacity to recall information from their previous phase on the ground. As complex living beings, we need this ability too. In fact it seems that without the capacity to recall our past, we may have trouble growing from it. It can sometimes be painful, and often is. Moth shows us how we can treat this process.
Often associated with death, moths feed on carrion and rotting fruit, transforming what was once dead or dying into part of their living being. Moths are fortified for the cold depths of night. Their soft fur keeps them warm, and their weight keeps them safe from the elements. They are made with a gentle armor, reborn wearing it when its finally needed. Perhaps like the moth, we need time in a safe space to heal and recover. This can take time, and that's okay. No healing process is the same, and this is our opportunity to honor our unique individual selves even in times of pain and grief. During these moments, we can acknowledge our suffering as ours, and ours alone. We may require some extra layers of shelter while we navigate the pain of the uncharted darkness.
Death and rebirth are one and the same. Aspects of our lives can change without any ability to control them, and sometimes it's heartbreaking. The exhaustion, hopelessness, and grief can ache so deeply in our bones. But within that hurt we can see another part of that same emotional colorwheel. Life is never meant to be one thing only. We are meant to experience the sweet sun of day, and the frosty mirror of the moon. How we internalize and understand these lessons is something tremendously personal to each of us. Sometimes we may catch a glimpse of another person going through their own phase of healing, fluttering with us in the dark mystery. Moments of solitude can serve our spirit, just as celebration and stillness with others does. But remember that even in solitude, we are never really alone.

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  • HAnnah

    I needed to hear this tonight. I just spent an hour before this crying in the shower uncovering hurt I never dealt with until now. I have never felt so low. My heart is heavy. When I finally pulled myself off the bedroom floor I plugged my phone in-Kus I still have to work tomorrow- and noticed my friend send me an email with a link to your page. I clicked on blogs and stumbled across this one. I’ve never noticed the beautiful strength of the moth. I feel as if I am in that stage. I just have yet to find the blanket of warmth within myself. Thank you for this post. <3

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