Mirror Magic: A Spell to See Yourself More Clearly

Who am I? What am I? Questions of identity and purpose may begin to creep up as we continue this journey inwards. Since we are creatures of community, extended isolation can invoke questions with challenging or foggy insight. However, there is certainly magical opportunity here to safely look within, take time with ourselves, and wander deeper than we ordinarily would have the capacity for.
What is a mirror spell you ask? 
Mirror Magic, long associated with spying into the soul, is one of the oldest and most relied upon methods of self-witnessing and clarifying through a magical lens. In this act of reflection, you are able to see deeper, and offer love to the being in your life that needs you the most: yourself. What would happen if you spent even a few short minutes giving yourself the attention that you deserve? Simply gazing upon your divine being is an act of love. Infusing this act with intentional magic is a very easy and effective bonus that is well worth doing. These can be done as long-form rituals, shorter day-by-day practices, or both.
Below are a few methods of mirror magic you can try at home either seated or standing, using anything from a full length to a pocket compact. Before introducing yourself to your mirror, ground in magical space and wipe down your mirror using a clean cloth, clearing away the physical dust and energy of days before.
This act is not only meant to rebalance our self-outlook, but to also consecrate the mirror as a magical tool. Keep a journal on hand to write any insights you might have after these rituals. Mirrors have more commonly become the easiest and most available way to appraise and judge ourselves, and we don't always have the kindest or most fair thoughts. Use these suggestions below to magically gather your self-worth, refresh the use of the mirror as a gate into divine truth, and find the sacred beauty of who you are. Use what is available to you, and trust your intuition to tap into some powerful mirror reflection spells. If you need any supportive tools for the process, look toward the MAGIC section of the shop.
Self-love is our original magic. It is often dented, damaged, and discouraged as we experience trauma, oppression or adversity. We blame ourselves for the things that go wrong, often digging a hole into ourselves that can feel hard to escape from. In doing this, we forget to come back to our own first true source. Adding energy to love imbibes us with vibrant life, and it starts and ends with our own beings. Begin slowly with this one; it can understandably feel jarring to stare into yourself as you recognize your power. Try first looking around the inner frame of the mirror, catching your own glance, and taking in the reflected space around you. Stay within the gateway of the mirror, and work your way into yourself. Begin taking longer and longer moments to gaze into your own eyes. Offer a smile. Smile back. See what happens if you consciously cease programmed responses and simply witness. Adore yourself as sacred art. Try viewing the person in the mirror as another being. What do you see? Where could you use the most love? Think something kind to yourself. Then say it out loud. Say it again. Try staying here for a minimum of 3 minutes. When you are grounded, express gratitude in whatever way feels best. A simple "thank you" will do. Say it until you truly feel it received.
Using a washable paint pen, a paintbrush and watercolors, a dry erase marker, or even a bar of soap, you can easily impart sigil magic into your reflection. Start with an introduction to yourself, as stated above. Once you have given yourself respectful and loving awareness, get to crafting a magical layer. Consider beginning your drawing over a part of your body that you love, or a place that could use more love. Shapes and spirals of all kinds are at your call! Make it colorful if that feels right to you, or keep it simple. Draw each line, curve, or symbol with deep reverence and adoration for the being you see in the mirror. Once you have created a series of symbols in the mirror, imagine them binding to your skin, and melting into you deep beyond the surface. Feel your inner being glow with your own power. You have reason, you have meaning. See the echo of these symbols begin to glow outwards from your inner being. You have the right to take up space. Feel free to leave this design on your mirror, up until a completed moon cycle. Whenever you need a refresher, take a moment with this mirror design and let it sink in once more, or create a fresh one for yourself at any time.
Are you ready to seduce yourself? Begin with wiping your mirror down, and setting it in a sturdy and supported space that you can also move in, whether it's your interior living space, a yard space, or anywhere available that you feel comfortable. This could be especially powerful in the evening. Light candles, and let the stars be your dance partners. Clear away chairs if you need - really establish some much deserved space for your body and energy. You do not need a large mirror for this rite; it can be any size. The purpose of this is not to maintain a consistent gaze, but to charge your physical body and transfer that energy back to yourself through the reflection of the mirror. Like an electric current, you offer what is gathered to your mirror, and let it bounce back into you. Put on your favorite dance playlist to move to, and don't be shy about the volume if space allows. Headphones also work wonders if you need a little extra privacy. Move as the music inspires you; slow and sensual, or with ferocity and intensity. Work up some heat in your core, and honor your sacred fire - imagine lighting, flames, stars or lava building and moving within you. Once you have danced yourself wild, slow down and stare into your mirror. Whether seated or standing, imagine your roots growing and grounding deep into the earth, and see bright red flowers blossoming from your branches above. Feel your energy reflected back to you. Witness the flames within continue to dance in your eyes. Breathe into your own sensual nature.
Are you feeling lost in the fog? This is a beautiful rite to illuminate your inner compass during times of cloudiness. Practice with a shower or bath. This is best done with a smaller mirror or the bathroom mirror. Be sure to first wipe down your mirror to cleanse any old energies. Before turning on the shower or tub, give gratitude to the water - our first mirror. A gift is a great way to do this, either presenting the basin or shower edge with a crystal, a drop of essential oil, salt, spices, or dried flower petals. As you bathe, keep your mind conscious of the ritual at hand. Feel free to allow your thoughts to melt and spread like butter. What does it feel like to relax into yourself? What questions or thoughts arise? Breathe into this experience, taking in the steam and feeling your lungs expand with each inhalation, as well as your entire being. Imagine the water in your tub or shower clearing away the dense fog from your mind like a fresh rain. As it drains away, your clarity is given more space. Once done bathing, gaze into your fogged mirror. Take a moment to ground. Then in a clear and deliberate motion, use your hand to clear the steam from the mirrors surface. Continue gazing for a few moments and offer yourself, your guides, and the water deep gratitude.

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  • Donna

    Wow! I love these ritual ideas. I’m going to try the dancing one tomorrow. I live alone and have a sacred room I can do this in. I’m excited to feel more empowered and to love myself more, and completely.

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