Looking to the Moon for Sanctuary

The moon is a long standing friend of any witch; an intuitive leader, emotional navigator, and a guiding hand. As your magical practice gorws and expands you'll also find that the moon has one more trick up their sleeve- they are a treasure trove of resources that can teach you how to create your own personal sanctuary.

It's no secret that the world spins at an incredibly fast pace. How do you stay rooted in your values and passions while trying not to get swept away in the urgent tide? This work starts with navigating your emotional world, and seeking understanding around what it looks and feels like to support yourself. The moon operates as an emotional anchor, bringing a softer approach to that which is illuminated by the sun. In these shadows the light is still right, but soft enough that the moon becomes a grounding force, tethering your emotional being to the physical incarnation of your body. By partnering with the moon and your unique placements you can unearth the sanctuary you need to keep moving forward.

The textbook definition of a sanctuary is a place of safety or refuge. On a magical level, a sanctuary is a sacred place of your own creation where you are being held by the spirits and forces that surround you. Think of a sanctuary as a practice of creation; going deep into the corners of your being and creating the environment you need to feel held.

This practice creates a reciprocal and collaborative cycle within yourself; using your mind to create devotional headspace for your body as sanctuary, using your body and physical state of being to create a sanctuary for your mind. The ouroboros; tending to your mind tends to your body. This is also a pivotal practice for when it doesn't feel accessible to tune into your body in such a way.


What would it feel like to see the moon as a lantern? As a soft light that you follow to help your emotional being exist as comfortably as possible? Your moon placement is a representation of your inner world and can offer insight to how you specifically process emotions and feel your feelings. It's the bridge to the subconscious way. Consider your moon in your chart as a quick reference sheet to how you navigate emotional landscapes. The sun may be the most well known and visible feature, but your moon is the driving force behind the actions of the sun.

When you find yourself feeling disregulated, disconnected, disinterested, your sanctuary exists as a space to support. To begin building this sanctuary you'll need to know your moon sign. Use the guide below for some insight to different signs and what they might mean for a sanctuary.

As you navigate these themes you might also consider the modality of your moon placement; cardinal signs take the form of momentum, initiative, and spark. Fixed signs manifest in a slow, steady, sustainable and consistent kind of way. Mutable signs are transformative and adaptable to what the situation calls for.


Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

These signs typically desire movement, fluidity, and autonomy when it comes to feeling safe in their emotional navigation.

How do your emotions flow when they come to the surface? Do they have an outlet or a place to land when they pour out? What inspires you and helps you feel centered and crystal clear on your vision?

A Fire Moon's sanctuary might be created entirely on a whim, or on an as needed basis. The key factor here is specifically deciding and acknowledging that a sanctuary has been created, i.e. deciding to go to the park to do a tarot pull because those tools and that environment would feel most supportive, and then upon arrival acknowledging to yourself "this is a sanctuary I've created for this moment". Think spontaneity and self awareness as the code.


Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

These signs typically desire emotional connection and intimacy, peeling back the layers and understanding the multitudes.

Do you have space to deeply explore emotions when they are present? How is intimacy reflected in your life?

A Water Moon's sanctuary might look like creating spaces where deep emotional navigation feels safe. A spot in your room, your car having all the journals and tissues you could possibly desire, an altar for your bath tub because that's where emotions flow. Think water as a vessel for release.


Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

These signs desire the presence of physical, tangible, material comfort.

What environment feels the safest to you? What contributes to that? Does it feel more supportive to have planned space for emotional navigation or to simply know there's tools to support when you need it?

An Earth Moon's sanctuary needs to physically feel safe. Soft pillows, fuzzy blankets, a couch that helps build the most perfect fort, and a plan. Think emotional support tools and know that they're called that for a reason.


Air Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius

These signs desire intellectual forms expression.

How do you safely and comfortably express the emotions you're holding? What does it look like to take this expression and bring it into actuality?

An Air Moon's sanctuary needs to have space for creative interpretation. Poems written from deep in the heart, song lyrics that move you to tears, movies that remind you of the joys of life, the stark quiet of minimalism so that the mind does all the work. Think emotional expression as a form of art.


Creating and Accessing Your Sanctuary

Take some time to sit with how this information resonates with you and explore what thoughts came up- anything that felt exciting is a great indication of what your sanctuary needs, and anything that felt like a no is also great information on what not to include! Before diving into the creation of a sanctuary, give yourself a statement of intention. For example, a Taurus moon might say "my moon is fixed earth and I prefer consistent, steady comfort through material surroundings".

Consider who or what surrounds you when you feel the safest emotionally.

A Taurus moon might look to a specific room as a sanctuary. An Aries moon might desire different environments based on different needs. A Gemini moon might feel most supported diving into a guided journal.

Consider what tools feel supportive to your statement of intention.

A Taurus moon might fill their bedroom with soft blankets and plants. An Aquarius moon might need an isolated spot with no distractions so that they can turn inward as deeply as they'd like.

The beauty of creating your own personal sanctuary is that your sanctuary exists for you. This sanctuary space of yours is accessible at any time, it simply needs to be prioritized. You can call on this sanctuary for support when the world is feeling like too much, but you can also visit this sanctuary whenever you want. Trust your emotional and intuitive landscapes, and trust in your ability to hold yourself.

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