Lightmaking: Full Moon rituals for Dark Times

December is a time for rest and reflection, but it is also time to gather around a fire (candles, or whatever you've got!) and dream of the returning light. Many of us miss the sun greatly during the Winter months in the Pacific Northwest and look forward to it's return in Spring.


How can we balance the energies of dark & rest with illumination & inspiration at this time?


Solstice season is the perfect moment to ponder this necessary equilibrium, and an opportunity to infuse your life with Magic! So, as the earth rests and the air around us fills with potential and the inevitability of Spring, take a moment to check in with your own inner-glow. How are you inviting warmth in? How are you leaning into rest to spark inspiration?


As the moon grows full over the next few days take this opportunity to cast a Lightmaking Spell so that you may be reminded in the darkest times that you can Bask in Your Glow joyfully!


Full Moon Spell Suggestions:

  • Write out your Full Moon intention and set it on a window sill for the full moon to charge. Place the paper on your Altar or under your bed so it may fill you and your home with inspiration!

  • Light a massage candle and let it burn for 20 minutes while you shower. Take your time - add your favorite scents and soap to the mix, take an extra moment to wash your face and eyes, inviting the Full Moon to illuminate your skin and make it receptive to Magic. After toweling off, extinguish the candle and rub the warmth of the light into your skin by massaging yourself with the warm oil.

  • Bask in Your Glow by craft a juicy playlist for yourself, then dance until you're sweating. Work that energy through you and know that your Joy is illuminating your life beyond your wildest dreams!

  • Be present in your communities; reach out to a friend and tell them how they've been shining lately, and make sure to share a celebration of your own with them. We need to hold each other up and model expansive, radiant energy!


Your spells never need to be complicated, they just need to feel true to you. Decide how you're going to honor both the Dark and Light this season, and make space for yourself as a full and complex being. The dark months can be difficult for many of us, but as long as we are stocking our joy by resting, doing things that feel pleasurable, setting intentions, and asking for help, we create the warmth we need to get through it together. Remember to take up a little more space in your own life, babe. As the moon grows big, you can grow big and bright with her!


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