Letting your Desire Guide You

How do we let desire guide us from a magical standpoint? First things first - we must develop a relationship of trust with desire. Without trust, desire contains control which could all too easily lead to rigidity, likely disappointment, and unneeded frustrations that have no place in your sacred space (whether that be your physical home, your body or your spirit). For a lot of us who have experienced trauma or even tremendous letdowns, trust can be challenging. This is why it's essential to develop this trust with patience and self-love at the absolute forefront. Thankfully, this trust can be nurtured right along with much of the actual practice of letting desire guide us. One of the easiest and most effective ways to begin this trust and practice development is keeping a journal which you dedicate daily use towards. This can be as abundantly used or as simple as you wish, with lengthy entries or a few lines. What's important is the showing-up-everyday part. In the morning or evening, write what you are truly grateful for. Write the things that are taking place in your life, and then write the things you are bringing into reality, as if they are happening now. Treat gratitude for both what is and what may be as ingredients in a bowl, then stir them together until they are one in the same. After you write these down, close your eyes and visualize. See these desires made real. Experience them as a reality all around you, and imbue them with unbridled, true feeling. This is where intention lives, and it is powerful. 


Similarly, that magic exists when you openly celebrate the active wins in your life! When you acknowledge the blessings, sacred source is aware of your willingness to accept and can then continue to deliver. Imagine if you gave a gift to a friend and they were flippant. You might be less inclined to show up for their next birthday with juicy gifts in tow. Embodying gratitude means accepting and thanking for what is and what can be. By this blending of the two, the future can continue unfolding through the lead of your own desires. The key here is simple but deeply intentional - just add feeling. 


Have you noticed that your desires will sometimes creep up but are cut down before they're met? This could be offered some magical solutions through decluttering in all the ways. You are a composite of all that you surround yourself with. Sights, sounds, and etcetera. Perhaps your home could do with some dusting, or your closet is overflowing with old threads that could get easily donated. If you have a series of projects spying on you from every corner of the room, it's time to make some decisions. Writers will often call this "killing your darlings," and while it sounds harsh, the results can be so clarifying. This is the conscious practice of picking what works and leaving the rest, even if it's really exciting or enticing. If it's meant to continue or to happen at all, it will in its own time. In the meanwhile, you can put your energies where they'll count and grow.  


The ability to listen to your desires and allow them to lead is up to you. The outcome may not be, so loosen that grip and start with gratitude for what is in the here and now - including yourself. 


Here is a simple spell you can try which is meant to bolster your relationship with your own desires. You'll need:

  1. a candle of any kind (or your breath)

  2. a bell (or your own voice)

  3. a cup of water

  4. an amethyst crystal (or a strong visual of your beating heart)


Ground into your space, into your body, and breath. Close your eyes and hold your crystal in your hands, feeling its temperature, its texture, and its power. You may also envision your heart and softly focus on its divine beat within your body. When ready, open your eyes and place your crystal in or near your cup of water to charge your water with cool, clarifying energy. Light your candle. This candle illuminates the parts of your desires that may be hidden or cast in shadow. If using your breath, offer some heavy breathing from the deep and hot vaults of your gut. Access that inner fire. Now safely drink your glass of water being careful to not down your crystal if you've placed it in the cup. As you do, envision a river of clarity forming throughout your body, mind and soul. See it coursing through you and splitting off, glowing and filling you with light. Once you have finished, ring your bell or hum a simple and sweet tone. Through this sound, feel the clarity within begin to move outside of you and further illuminate your space, saturating you with calm understanding.


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