Leo Full Moon Magic + Spell

Are you ready for tomorrow's Full Snow Moon in Leo? Come snag one of our Full Moon candles by Magic Hour! This candle is incredible for lunar spellwork, and setting strong intentions for the coming cycle.
Here's a little spell for you to consider doing during this magic moon:
The Flame Within: Illuminate your Dreamspace
The Flame Within spell is simple, and meant to infuse your sleepspace with intentional magic, and illuminate your dreams to uncover messages of how to benefit the most from this Full Moon energy. 
  1. 1 candle, any color except red (we recommend the Magic Hour Full Moon or Dreams candle!)
  2. Matchsticks or a lighter
  3. A bundle of herbs such as lavender or dried mugwort
  4. A cloth, handkerchief, or muslin bag
  1. Essential oil of lavender or mugwort (add 2 drops to your candle before lighting)
  2.  Sea salt for cleansing (add a pinch to candle if you need a softer message, or feel extra vulnerable at this time)
  3. Amethyst or moonstone
  4. Strength Tarot card
PART I : Preparation
To bring this spell to light, begin first with sweeping your bedroom. Brush away any cobwebs, and wipe down any dusty surface. Then proceed by centering and grounding yourself. You can do this standing or seated- however your body feels best is how you should begin. Create a small altar space in your bedroom just for this spell, or incorporate it within the altar you already keep. What's important is that it's in your room, so that the energy is activated and given space to simmer. Place your candle on your altar space, as well as any extra materials you may wish to include, listed above.
PART 2: The Flame
Once you feel ready, light your candle and use this incantation:
Strong and Loving Moon,
Please Gift Me with Your Sight
May my Dreams Bring Forth your Wisdom
On this Day and On this Night
Continue to whisper the incantation as you burn a little of your herbs and let the smoke gently dance around you. Envision the strong Leo energy radiating forth, and inhabiting your space. Reach down with your hand and stroke the fur of the lion in your midst. As you do so, direct this incantation to their energy. They will be your guide as you dream.
Let your candle burn as you gather your herbs and optional stones into your handkerchief, cloth, or small bag. If you so wish, you may also add one drop of essential oil to your herbs. Once all is collected, fold over your cloth or seal your bag and place under your pillow. Keep a journal close by in case you need to jot down some messages in the night. 

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