Kitchen Magic for the Abundant Witch

The height of summer is such a joyful time to celebrate our bodies in the sunshine, soak our feet in cool rivers, munch on vine-ripe tomatoes, and sip iced tea in the warm evening air. Is your garden (or your local farmer’s market)  just bursting with life right now!? Embrace this bloom of abundance magic with some kitchen witchery this season. 


One way to deepen our magical practice is by cultivating a relationship with our local and backyard plants. By growing and tending to a plant all season, we’re infusing it with magic and intention. You can even write your intentions on the outside of your plant’s pot, or on a piece of paper and bury it in your plants soil to help amplify your intention! 


It’s pretty common to know the magical association for herbs (lavender for calming, rosemary for clearing, etc) but what about the magical association for our garden plots? Here are some associations for some common garden friends


  1. Beans = love and fertility 

  2. Cabbage = prosperity

  3. Cucumber = fertility and healing 

  4. Peppers = protection and creativity 

  5. Squash = abundance and harmony 

  6. Tomato = love and passion 

  7. Blackberries = protection and abundance

  8. Blueberries = tranquility 

  9. Strawberries = joy and luck


Using ingredients in our recipes to help call in these intentions is the backbone of Kitchen Witchery. Try your hand at a spelled summer salad! 


You will need: 


  1. 1-2 cups of tender greens (spinach, baby lettuce, arugula or a mix) 

  2. ⅓ cup chopped strawberries for joy 

  3. ½ chopped cucumber for healing 

  4. Small handful chopped cherry tomato for love 

  5. Chopped walnuts or almonds 

  6. ¼ cup crumbled feta (or vegan alternative)

  7. Balsamic Dressing to taste 

Toss all your ingredients together while speaking your intention for this recipe out loud! Enjoy your meal in the sunshine, or perhaps share it with a friend or lover amplifying the joy and delight of the ingredients with friendship. 


We can also use kitchen witchery to harness the abundance of summer and utilize it for magic in the cold months of winter and spring. It’s a gift to be able to call upon this energy of light and abundance when we need it most! 


Basil Pesto is an amazingly nutritious and also magically abundant dish harnessing the power of a common herb! Basil is a common herbal ally for abundance rituals, so top your pasta with this pesto (or just dip some fresh bread in) for a quick boost to your magic.


You will need: 


  1. 4 handfuls of fresh basil

  2. 2 cloves garlic

  3. ⅓ cup pinenuts

  4. ½ cup parmesan cheese grated (or vegan alternative) 

  5. Juice of ½ of a lemon 

  6. ⅓ cup olive oil 

  7. Salt and pepper 

Add all the ingredients except the olive oil to a food processor (or mix them by hand with a large mortar and pestle!) When everything is incorporated, slowly stream in the olive oil until your desired consistency is reached. Freeze and save this magic for a cold winter’s day! 


Another abundant and magical summer herb is mint! Mint is a great herbal ally for clearing, so if you're feeling like your energetic boundaries (and your bod!) need a little refreshment in the summer heat, try one of these combos for a cooling infused water. Top all combos with plenty of ice, sparkling water, and sip slowly.


Mint + Lemon for energetic clearing

Mint + Cucumber for healing and hydration

Mint + Blackberry for juicy sensuality


The garden can also be a reminder and amazing tool for our gratitude practices. Abundance is all about reciprocity, so as we take in and our nourished by our gardens, remember to thank the land for what she shares with you. As you tend to your soil, compost what energies aren't working for you. Speak aloud what you need to release, and let it sink into the ground to be transformed into a new energy that supports you.




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