Introspection Practices for Winter

During this season of introspection, we are called to move closer inwards, listening to the transfixing hum of our inner selves. We are in a constant state of motion and growth, flowing in our own beings like a river of lava beneath the surface of the earth. We are never not moving, never not changing. During these final moments of this year, we can call upon these deep glowing veins of wisdom within, seeking our own authority and guidance as we make our way towards a new and uncertain cycle. We are firmly grounded in our own abilities, bearing witness to our growth as it happens in its own time. There is no need to rush, to push or pull. At our core, we know exactly what we're doing. For a moment, allow yourself to slip into this understanding like a warm bath. Let it hold you.


This work is an aspect of shadow. When hearing about "shadow work," we might be sparked with a hint of nervous energy, unsure about how ready we are to face the mysterious unknown within. We need not fear ourselves. Shadow too contains multitudes of wisdom waiting to be discovered and explored. There is difficulty in facing our fears, but with that difficulty comes tremendous reward. Once we get to know ourselves, it's easier to understand that there is no part of us that is wrong. There might be aspects which require attention and care, and subsequently could cause us distress in an effort to be noticed and nurtured. How we go about offering that nurturing is up to us. 


Introspection is magic. It is self-care. And when approached and implemented, it is something of a lifelong journey. There are peaks and valleys, but as we traverse our own inner landscape we learn how to better and better anticipate the change in scenery - and even enjoy it. This is a strong facet of how we build healthy relationship, allyship, and friendship with ourselves. We can begin seeing what we need and how to fulfill those needs, as well as what we really don't and how to extract the things that harm us. 


One of the simplest but most available ways to begin this introspection work is to journal. If time and environment allow, you could make yourself a special cup of ritual tea, and light a candle that you use only for this time of ritual introspection. Consecrate your space and self with a sacred spray, if that feels simpler. Offer yourself a gentle stretch and a few deep breaths. It could also be as simple as spending just a few seconds in silence before beginning. Ground into this work before putting a pen to paper. 


This could be a daily practice, done every morning or every afternoon, or something that is done every other day. You could even use an app in your phone or a voice recorder if that feels more suitable for your life. The important part is consistency. Spells feed on dedication. It's their water and sunlight. When you offer regular energy to the work, you're also practicing the ritual of routine. This acts as a stronger foundation and framework for the life around you. It gives the details something to work with and be bolstered by. Magic is not an instant fix, but a dedication of will, patience, and love spread out over time - all of which you greatly deserve as we sink further into this blessed season of darkness. 


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