How to create a magical sacred space in your home

Do you have a magical sacred space in your home? A sacred space that’s designed just for you and helps you to practice self-care? If not, you’re going to want to create your own magical sacred space after reading this because it’s so simple and makes a huge difference in your well-being. 

What is a magical sacred space?
There are many different ways to call this space, but ultimately, it’s a space that brings joy, makes you feel magical, helps to ground you, and provides a sanctuary from the everyday hustle. Who wouldn’t want such a space right? 
How to create a magical sacred space:
A magical sacred space can be anywhere you visit daily. It can be as large as an entire room, or even your home, or as small as the top of your nightstand. 
My bedroom has become my magical space – it’s my retreat from the rest of the world and is a part of my morning self-care routine.  However, when I first started creating my magical space, I started small and began in my bathroom. As you may know, bathing is a part of my daily self-care ritual so I make sure to keep the tub clean and build my altars on the bath-side. I’ve added candles, gemstones, written intentions and fresh plants. Adding my altar in my bathroom is part of how I keep my bathing rituals magical.
I’ve continued keeping both my bathroom and my bedroom spaces that bring magic where I can practice self-care.

Here’s how you can create a sacred and magical space in your home:
  1. Start small and pick a space in your home that you go to daily and feels good to you. Is it in your bedroom? Near a certain window? A space that overlooks your garden? 
  2. Think about how you want to feel in this space. Do you want to feel energized? Do you want to feel calm? What words come to mind as you seek your own magical space?
  3. Clean this space as often as you can to keep it feeling magical. Cleaning is essential and simple things like sweeping can be a part of your magical practice. I like to sweep weekly and wash the floors. You can use a magical floor wash to clear or invite energy. I always think it’s best to make your own, here are some magical homemade recipes to keep your space feeling charged and enchanted.  
  4. Get rid of clutter. Having a messy space with too many things not only clutter your sacred space, it clutters your mind. Free your mind of unnecessary clutter and get rid of things that no longer serve you. When I’m deciding what to get rid of, I ask myself two questions: Have I used it in the last year? Does this item make me feel magical?  If I answered “no” to either question, I get rid of it.
  5. Create an Altar. Some elements you can add to your altar are:
    1. Add some intention candles or an essential oil diffuser. Some of my favorite essential oils to use are: lavender (for relaxation), bergamot (for joy), ylang ylang (for embodiment and pleasure).
    2. Add natural elements that you are drawn to such as gemstones, driftwood, other types of rocks, plants, etc.
    3. Decorate the wall around your space with images that inspire you. You can also add positive affirmations on your wall to remind you to say them daily. 
    4. Are there other things that are sacred to you? You can add them to your space if you desire.

A magical sacred space is essential to self-care and I highly recommend creating one for yourself. I go to my magical space everyday and like to journal, sit still with a cup of tea, say positive affirmations and get grounded there. I look forward to spending time in my sacred space every day.

Tell me in the comments what your dream magical space would look like? What can you do now to get started? 
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  • Jennifer McEuen

    I just recently went to your shop (I’ve been following you on Instagram) and have been browsing all of your products and offerings. SO MAGICAL!!! I’m totally in love, I look forward to being a customer for many years!! <3

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