How are your dreams speaking to you?

Have you ever awoken from a dream that felt so real that it takes you a moment to recalibrate? Sometimes messages from the otherworld can take time to taper off, echoing throughout the day and reminding us of nearby messages. Perhaps upon waking from such a dream you feel relieved. Or maybe disappointed. Or simply charmed. But regardless of how you feel based on the visions and sensations from your dreamspace, one thing is certain: there has been a message given to you, and you alone.
Dreams are our stepping stones to a purposeful path. They allow us space to experiment, stretch our beliefs, and test ours limits in ways that may be too intense for our waking lives. Dreams pull back the curtain on things we may fear, be hoping for, or even need. Self-nurturing comes in so many forms, and dreams are our internal visual guide towards our most robust selves. With visual talismans and prompts, we can better understand our emotional state. You may wake up and feel confused about why something in a dream made you feel afraid, or excited. In our day to day, these details may not make sense - which is why it's so important to offer space to solve the dreams riddles.
We can sometimes have visitations during our sleep. Perhaps an animal has made itself known, or a loved one. These encounters guide us further, introducing us to far-rooted and meaningful sentiments that are in need of tending. We may be warned, or given information through a deeply personal language. It may just be a moment of feeling seen or loved. When waking from sleep, pause to enact gratitude for whatever may have been given to you. These moments are alive, just as you are.
The world of our sleeping spirits acts as an open book of archetypes and symbols. These are yours; a book authored by a choir of ancestry, and bound in earth and blood. Many of them are universal, part of a collective language that can easily be shared. And some of them are not. This is where self-trust is a must. Embarking on the dissection of dreams means having open dialogue with yourself, and learning to dismantle the trained brain. Your intuitive self is always there, ready to help.
One way you can easily access your intuition is through dream journaling. We recommend keeping a journal and pen near your bed, for those midnight revelations that could easily disappear once we drift back to sleep. You can use this same journal to note down your dreams in the morning as you recall them. Once this is made a habit, your mind will subconsciously anticipate it as part of your sleep routine, and you will begin recalling more and more vividly. Practice a ritual of calling Dreaming in, anoint yourself with dream oil before bed, or use all the amazing tools in the Community Supported Witch (CSW) tool kit.
Dream on, sweethearts. Blessed journeys as you weave your truths from the not-so-distant otherworlds and tune into our Dreamy Spotify playlist this month! 

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