Hot Witch Summer: Sex Magic to stoke your creativity

As someone drawn to living a pleasure-filled life, Sex Magic might have already made it onto your "to research" list. Although difficult to pinpoint, a lot of us actually engage with sex magic in one way or another. We all walk the world either connected or disconnected from our sexuality, and by extension, creativity. Society does not support our empowerment around pleasure based practices and so we must find them on our own terms. If you've ever played music, written a short story, or made a painting you were enveloped by, loosing all sense of time, was that not a divine, turned-on experience? Was it not orgasmic in a way? That, sweet babe, is Sex Magic: a pure, creative life force energy you can learn to tap into. Sexuality and desire are fluid and contain endless inspiration- it's just a matter of raising the energy and plugging into it.


Sex Magic is the use of sex in spellwork, but how do you define sex? Some folks like the use of orgasms to amplify an intention, others like to use sexual activity to heighten the vibration of a spell, and some like to tap into the expansive, timeless quality one might experience during arousal. Sex can be physical, energetic, or a way of life- where every blooming flower and gentle breeze can be a sensory explosion, dripping with excitement.


Lets start off by defining sex for ourselves. If the orgasm is important, write that down. If its the feeling of "being turned on", great! What we think of as sex is unique to each of us, and will inform how we practice and view Sex Magic. Sit down and make a list of 5-10 things you LOVE about sex (with yourself, others, flirtation, or anything else that falls in this category for you). After you've narrowed your favorite activities down choose one for the following Sex Magic practice.


Sex Magic for Creativity

  1. Get some creative supplied together- coloring pages, sketchbook, a short story you're working on, your future business plan- anything that needs your creative juices!

  2. Decide how you're going to raise sexy energy (orgasms or whatever floats your boat from the list you made)

  3. Grab sex toys, candles, and anything else you want to set the mood

  4. Choose a crystal or a grounding object to place on your chest

  5. Set some time aside so you don't feel rushed


Set the scene and look over your creative project. Make an internal or audible ask here. Try "I want to be supported in my creative pursuits by my guides", "My art feeds me, and is a vital part of my purpose" or "I channel my soul's work through my creative practice".


Once your intention is set, place your crystal on your chest and do the sexy things that make your heart sing. Want to masturbate while painting? Great! Want to brush your hair sensually while looking at yourself in the mirror and breathing slowly? Yes! Want to lay on your back and practice the Tantric breath while focusing on raising your vibrations to a peak? Do it!


Do this for 20-60 minutes, taking your time, unplugging from mundane time and tech as much as possible. What comes up for you as you intentionally turn yourself on? Is there excitement, joy, sadness, impatience? Notice anything that bubbles up and come back to the sensation of your body gently.


When you've had your fill, slowly move towards your creative project and let yourself do some automatic drawing, writing, collaging, etc. Let the collective Erotic energy you just raised feed your art. Set the gem you had on your chest near your work so it can continue to collect this juicy energy.


After you feel satisfied with your creative project grab a snack and a drink. Sex magic (like any sex activity) requires aftercare. Find a soft place to snuggle up, watch your favorite show and simply rejoice in the delicious sensations of your body before cleaning up of getting back to the daily grind.


Use the gemstone you charged up with your Sex Magic practice on your Altar or in your creative space to continue to juice you up and stoke your creativity. Recharge as needed!


Some more favorite Sex Magic practices:

  1. Insert a yoni egg in before going grocery shopping, make yourself a self-date meal in this heightened, juicy state.

  2. Perform a chest massage after getting out of the shower while looking at yourself in the mirror. This helps connect heart space and sensuality. Set a heart centered intention while doing the massage.

  3. Set a gem under the bed while masturbating, focus on an intention as your orgasm builds, sending it into the gemstone. Carry the gem with you or place on your alter to enhance your work. Carnelian is great for passion and motivation. Citrine is great for abundance and creativity. Clear quartz is great as an amplifier for any intention.

  4. Do a vulva massage in front of a mirror, orgasms are a bonus.

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