Hot Witch Summer: Masturbation Mirror Magic

Masturbation is an inherently magical act of connection, and when we offer ourselves the gift of sensual self-touch, we honor the magic of our own aliveness. Our bodies are our first and last sanctuaries, the seat of our deepest desires and juiciest dreams, and the living expression of a vast web of ancestral magic. These bodies of ours are hard wired for drippy, sensual experience, and masturbation is a powerful reminder of our own capacity for pleasure!


When we lavish our sex organs with affection, we're actively tending to ourselves. If you've been taught that pleasure-full sensation is an indulgence that should be doled out in appropriate quantities (who's to decide how much pleasure is appropriate anyways?!) then let us be the first to tell you—your body deserves boundlessly tender, loving touch.


So what do mirrors have to do with it?


When we invite mirrors into solo play, we give ourselves permission to witness the full spectrum of our pleasure. Watching ourselves receive self-pleasure can shatter taboos; because masturbation is still stigmatized, especially for femmes and socialized femmes, watching our body's reaction as we ride out waves of pleasure can be profoundly illuminating. Mirror masturbation magic is expansive because it allows us to lay eyes on our bodies as we reclaim pleasure for pleasure's sake. Mirrors act as a portal towards the peak of our pleasure.


Moreover, with a handheld mirror and a bottle of lube, solo play can guide us back towards deep, joyful embodiment. Orgasm isn't the goal here, babe—masturbation is about meeting yourself and your body where it's at, listening for an enthusiastic yes, and showering yourself with the sensations that feel best to you at the current moment. This is playful, exploratory magic. With this mirror masturbation ritual, make your solo play session the most indulgent, pleasure-full experience possible!


A Mirror Masturbation Ritual for Sensual Play


You will need:

  • A mirror

  • Your hands

  • A safe, sensual space

  • Lube, a vibrator, dildo, or any of your favorite self-pleasure tools! (PS: All of these are optional. Listen to your body's needs!)


Before you dive into solo play, ease back into your surroundings. Landing in a safe space that feels sensual to you will have a huge impact on your body's sensual experience. Situate yourself in a hot, melty bath, on your bed surrounded by your fluffiest pillows, on a towel on the floor, or wherever else you'll feel most relaxed. Light candles, dim the lights, and play your favorite sultry playlist at eyebrow-raising volumes. Get into it!


When you've settled into your space, begin by touching your face, your throat, the insides of your wrists, and the small of your back. Notice the weight of your fingers as they sweep across your skin—thank your hands for letting you feel the full warmth of your body.


If you're using a hand mirror, hold it in your non-dominant hand, and allow your dominant hand to caress your waist, hips, and inner thighs. As you glide over towards genitals, play with varying strokes, pressures, and patterns. Watch your reflection in the mirror as you explore—what movements make you inch closer to your hand? Are there stokes you don't like, that you feel like you should? Watch your body respond to your touch and take note of what feels best. Allow yourself to be surprised and delighted by the way your body shifts and stretches. Rejoice in the noises you make, and make eye contact with yourself.


Having our pleasure mirrored back at us as we're experiencing it is a powerful act of proof—that our bodies are not only capable of, but inclined towards, abundant pleasure.

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