Hot Witch Summer: Aphrodisiac Plant Allies

Plants thrive in the sensual dance that is nature and are wise teachers in the way of embodied sensuality. They spend their days basking in the Sun’s kisses, dancing tenderly with the strokes of wind. Their pleasure is an exquisite gift, and when used a collaboration in reaching for our pleasure. Imagine how it would feel to exist without expectation. This is the pleasure we can learn from plants, to simply exist in the moment and witness life as a sensual gift to our senses. These plants are some magical favorites when it comes to calling in the hottest of hot witch energy:


Damiana is an ally to Mars and a powerfully sexual herb. It brings heat, excitement, and stimulates desire. This herb is also a nervine and will help with relaxing into the moment.

Rose is an ally to Venus and calls for luxurious, unabashed and unfiltered pleasure. The sweet floral taste will soothe and invite.

Cinnamon is an ally to the Sun and celebrates embodiment. This herb is warming, circulatory, and spicy. This addition to any concoction creates a celebrated connection to self.

Mixed together, these aphrodisiacs create a powerful elixir for sexual embodiment.Try this recipe as an invitation.


Hot switch Summer Aphrodisiac Infusion

  • You will need: 

  • 1 tbsp dried damiana leaves 

  • 1 tbsp dried rose petals 

  • 1 tsp cinnamon 

  • Honey or agave to taste 

  • An 8 oz jar (or any size will do)

  • Filtered water


On a sunny day, combine the herbs in the jar, add water to the top and shake vigorously. While shaking, close your eyes and bring to mind everything that makes you feel sensual. Imagine a scent that excites you, the way your body moves dancing to a sultry rhythm, the texture of soft fabrics brushing against your skin, the taste of a sharp berry. Imagine that energy flowing through your body and pouring out your fingertips into your creation.

Leave the jar in the Sun, either outside or on a windowsill, so that your infusion can absorb the Sun’s kisses too. After an hour or so, or whenever feels right, add honey and shake again. Strain and serve as a sensual offering to self. Notice the flavors and how they dance on your tongue, the feeling that flows through your body. Sit for a moment and tune in to the potent power that these plants are offering you. What do you feel? What do you notice?

The kind, generous teaching ways of plants offers more than one way to engage with their magical properties. Puddle Primer is another juicy offering that combines all these aphrodisiacs to enhance the senses of touch and scent How will you reach for pleasure and explore your senses this month, babe?



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