Herbal Support for Spring: Igniting Passion in a Time of Uncertainty

Spring is when the earth is just bursting with life. The buds of trees sprout and share their sweet flowers with us, the lush thick leaves of tulips & daffodils greet us on the ground, and the sun spends more and more time with us - leading to clear nights and colorful sunsets. 

Spring is the time we plant seeds - seeds that grow and nourish us later in the year. Through the sweltering summer, crisp fall, and dark winter. What seeds are you planting now - both physically & emotionally - that will nourish your future self? 

Now is the time to really dig deep, clean out the cobwebs of your mind and plant your seeds of passion. Treat your passions just like you would a baby plant - give yourself plenty of space & patience for your roots and foundations to be solid and sturdy. For you, does this look like devoting a room or table to your passion? Maybe your foundation needs time - can you set aside even 10 minutes a day to sit with your passion? Give your passion plenty of food - think podcasts, books, movies, conversations with like-minded folks or people you admire. Share your passion-inspiration with us on social media! 

One tool to use to help stoke the fires of your passion is Pomegranate Flower Essence. Pomegranate flower essence helps us connect with the ways in which we nourish ourselves. Pomegranate calls in the Divine Mother archetype, allows us to twant to take better care of ourselves so we are better able to incubate our own creative manifestations in the world. Take a few drops of flower essence directly under the tongue, in tea or bubbly water, or add a few drops to a bath to soak in all that flower energy. 

And always remember, if a flower doesn’t bloom we don’t blame the flower - we adjust its environment until it’s happy and thriving. Trust your gut to know what your passion needs, and don’t be afraid to change things up! 

Spring is also the time for spring cleaning! Clearing out old energy to make room for bright fresh energy. Magical cleaning can be as simple as sweeping - start in the corner of your room farthest from the door, and sweep envisioning all the things that no longer serve you collecting with the dust. Sweep towards the door, and imagine pushing all that old energy out the door! 

If you’d like to take your magical cleaning further, try brewing your own magical cleaning vinegar. Simply place citrus peels in a jar - orange and lemon are classic, but grapefruit or even lime could be fun - and cover with white vinegar. You can also add herbs, rosemary for an extra cleaning boost or basil for abundance, and steep the herbs and citrus for 2 weeks. Strain, dilute 1:1 with water, and add to a spray bottle! Wipe down all your surfaces and use the same practice as sweeping. 


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