Guiding Light: This Earth Journey guest post by Jessie-Susannah Karnatz

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The following is an excerpt from Money Magic: Practical Wisdom and Empowering Rituals to Heal Your Finances by The Money Witch, Jessie Susannah Karnatz, out March 1st 2022 from Chronicle Books!


This Earth Journey


Your primary spiritual purpose at this moment in time is to be exactly perfectly human. The news that we’re made of stardust and lived a past life in Atlantis (I was right there with you) is thrilling, but babe, right now you are human on Earth in the twenty-first century. The point is not to glaze over this assignment and get back to being cosmic ASAP. For fourteen billion years, the particles that make up your body existed in this universe but not as you. They prayed to become you. Your ancestors prayed you into existence. Your soul was led to your exact body by angels who nurtured you into existence. So much miraculous labor went into making your human incarnation possible. You are a miracle! Your presence in the human story at this particular point in time-space is not an accident. You are filled with purpose; your human life is inextricably bound up with your spiritual purpose. This is to say, the seemingly mundane and often tedious tasks of figuring out how to be a human are not mundane at all. Being and becoming better at human life is all you have to do in this lifetime. 


As animals, material survival is the basis of that work, and since here we are in late-stage global capitalism, when I say material survival, I mean money. It’s not an accident for you to be born into these systems. You have something to contribute to making this exact moment better, or you wouldn’t be here. Connecting to the human experience from a soul-centered place is a very powerful way of exploring life, but don’t forget that physical survival is a big part of your soul’s work in this incarnation. This work of healing your finances is not an aside; it is the work of healing everything in your life. You are here on this Earth to evolve, and to weave the unique thread of your journey into the tapestry of human existence. When you expand into success in all areas of your life, you contribute more deeply to the communal healing of your lineages and communities, as well as the entire human story.   


The work of healing your finances is the work of healing everything in your life. So let’s get into it. 



Money Witch





Jessie Susannah Karnatz (she/her), aka the Money Witch, brings capitalism-critical, shame-free education to healers, hustlers, and creatives in order to catalyze change in their financial lives. She believes healing our finances will bring blessing to our lives, our lineages, and our communities. She offers education, Money Magic products, Intuitive Financial Coaching, and tax preparation online and in the Bay Area (unceded Ohlone land) and does it all with impeccable business lady style.

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