Guiding Light: An Elemental Blessing Spell for a New Tarot Deck

Welcoming a new deck into your magical practice is always cause for celebration—this is an opportunity to deepen your relationship to self, to create a new connection with a magical tool, and on the whole, sink into your self-care practice with renewed energy.


No matter who you are—whether you're a witch with a large collection of oracle and Tarot decks, or a beginner witch who's just purchased their very first Tarot deck and guidebook—the moment you unwrap your new deck is tinged with magic. What work will this tool help you accomplish in your practice? Is this deck your portal into the shadow world, where you'll work with unresolved patterns and unhealed wounds? Is this new deck one you'll be using to read for other people? Or will this deck occupy your altar for simple, daily pulls before you take on the day?


Whatever your goals, this blessing spell will help you attune to the energy of your new deck, and set firm intentions for its purpose in your magical practice.


You will need:

  • Your new deck
  • A cloth, bag, or box
  • Representations of each of the five elements; water (try a favorite hydrosol spray) air (incense and an incense holder) earth (ashes, dirt, or a crystal/stone works wonderfully) fire (a candle, candle holder, and matches) and spirit (you!)
  • A place of sanctuary


With this spell, you'll invoke each of the suits in the minor arcana and the energy of the major arcana, attune your deck to the energy of each of the elements, and imbue your new deck with a specific intention.

Blessing your Tarot deck:

  1. Begin by gathering all of your materials in a safe, comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Take some time to ground and connect with your body before you begin—hold the deck in your hands, and consider how you feel in its presence. What about the deck brings you pleasure? If you call on guides, protective spirits, or ancestors, now is the time to do so. Invite them to join you in welcoming this new deck into your magical practice—this is an especially important step if you plan on using this deck to divine messages from your guides!

  2. Set your loose deck on the ground, either inside a bag or box, or on top of a cloth.

  3. Begin with whatever element you feel most called to. Here, we'll begin with the element of fire. Light your candle, and set it on top of your deck. Out loud, welcome the suit of Wands and thank the element of fire for its blessing. Do this in whatever way feels most natural to you—you can simply say, "Welcome, suit of Wands, and thank you, fire, for your blessing." You'll repeat this phrasing for each of the remaining four elements.

  4. Set your candle aside. Next, light your incense, and pass it over your deck. Out loud, welcome the suit of Swords and thank the element of air for its blessing.

  5. Set your incense aside. Next, spray your deck (lightly!) with a spritz of your hydrosol, of if you'd rather, set a full glass of water on top of the deck. Out loud, welcome the suit of Cups and thank the element of water for its blessing.

  6. Set your cup of water or hydrosol aside, and set your chosen crystal or stone on top of your deck. Out loud, welcome the suit of Pentacles and thank the element of earth for its blessing.

  7. Set your crystal aside, and hold your deck in your hands once again. Out loud, welcome the cards of the major arcana and thank the element of spirit for its blessing.

  8. While you're still holding your deck, meditate on your intentions for this new tool. How will you use it in your practice, and where does it fit in amongst your other magical tools? If you have a firm intention for this deck, state this aloud: let the deck know what its purpose is! Magical tools serve you best when they've been charged with a specific intention.

  9. If you feel called to, now is a wonderful time to begin your first reading with your new deck! If not, gently tuck your deck back into a protective covering and clean up your spell materials.


Your first impression of a new magical tool isn't much different from the first impression you get from a new acquaintance; it sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. This first impression goes both ways—just as you've been introducing yourself to this new deck, so too has your new deck been introducing itself to you. By beginning your relationship to a new deck with a blessing spell, you make space for a deep, reciprocal, and undoubtedly magical connection!

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