Guest Blog Post: Your Expansive Magickal Body ~ A Sun Spell & Witches Brew by Angela Mary Magick

Excerpt from the upcoming  HOT WITCH SUMMER workshop Saturday June 12, 2021



The best lover you could ever dream of is your body. Pleasure is the great love language you and your body share. Generous and expressive, your glorious form was born to move you towards the pleasures of the flesh ~ body & soul. This love affair you tend to is ever expanding just like your beautiful body is made to.  


Each summer, through cycles that bloom and unfurl like an exquisite Russian Mammoth Sunflower, your body yearns to take up space in wild joy. Flowers are shameless in how they attract what they need, pollinators. Now is the time to take a page from their book and show up for your body’s pleasure with the same vibrancy and eye on expansion.


Having a go-to quick spell for embodying pleasure is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to your body. Enjoy my energy boosting Sun Spell & Love Expansion Witches Brew to attract warm love after what feels inarguably like the most challenging winter of our lives.

 Sun Spell

Love Expansion Witches Brew

by Angela Mary Magick


Sun infused water

2 handfuls sunflower petals

3 handfuls mint

5 coin shaped pieces turmeric root, peeled & sliced 

Cayenne pepper to taste, I prefer 2 shakes 

Agave nectar to taste, I prefer 2 tablespoons 

Pinch of salt to call in your fiercest ancestor most willing to tell any inner critic that shows up to fuck off. 

Gather ingredients in a mason jar and shake for minimum 13 Magickal seconds as you move your body in pleasure any way you are able. Extra points for shaking your brew to ‘Hot Fun In The Summertime’ by Sly & the Family Stone

Wrap your mason jar of Love Expansion Witches Brew in a simple bandana or tea towel. 


Gather your favorite tarot Sun card carried as close to your heart as you can. Do your best to NOT use your journal or Book of Shadows now as this is an exercise in being present to soak up the energy of this moment rather than the mental cataloguing of it. 


Sun Spell 

#1. Get outside! Signal boost all of your senses with the power of being outdoors and part of the uncurated natural world. Set aside just a few minutes to find a place for you & your body pleasure. Allow a moment to intuitively find the right spot by listening for an element of nature to communicate to you. The breeze or a bird will likely show up to tell you when to settle into this moment.  


#2. Lay out your cloth and place your brew & Sun card out where you can comfortably access them. Take a moment to gaze at your humble altar and give thanks for this moment, your holy ancestors, your ever present guides, our sweet earth and your heavenly body. 


#3. Set your Love Expansion intention as you take off the lid to your brew. Offer the land your Magick infused libation as you pour a bit of your brew straight onto the earth.  Repeat your intention out loud as you pour. 


#4. Now let the tarot Sun card speak to you. Breathe deeply in through your nose with your Love Expansion Witches Brew close enough to take in the aroma. Ask the sunflower petals to teach you a new way you can love your body. Observe, release, exhale, as a loving prayer every thought, feeling and sensation that comes up and out in this quick spell. Ask yourself one simple question: What one new pleasure filled adventure can I have with my body this summer? Intuitive dancing? Walking at sunrise? Sensuous Selfie Session with a new body adornment? The sky is the limit! The Sun invites the naked, innocent beauty of this spell into your body. The part of you that knows precisely how life saving pleasure is. Take another long pull on your Love Expansion Witches Brew and recommit to your self adoration so you may create more love to weave into our grand shared web of life. Take as long as you can to integrate & enjoy your Sun Spell beneath the canopy of your outdoor love affair with your body. You now carry this enchanted code of your Sun Spell within your bones to be summoned whenever you need the energy of love expansion to enliven your life. Remenber Magick is your birthright & everything is a Spell. This is my Spell



Angela Mary Magick She/They is the creatrix of Moon bb Magick Tarot & Altalune Sensual Oracle Cards. Find their Worldwide Coven on YouTube, Instagram, and their newsletter love notes for creativity, community, magick, relaxation & spirituality 





Angela Mary Magick

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