Gardening for Self-care and Magic

My favorite self care is gardening. There is something so satisfying and magical about seeing a baby seedling grow! Hardly anything brings me as much joy as seeing a new baby leaf beginning to unfurl from a happy plant. 

Gardening and plants make up a huge part of my magical practice, and my self care practice. My Altar is often adorned with fresh cut flowers, a rotating selection of houseplants (depending on the intention for that altar,) and dried herbs or leaves I’ve either found while out on a walk or grown myself. For me, gardening itself is an active meditation - a time to quiet my mind, focus on being in my body and nurturing my green little babies. Gardening is a good way to get myself in tune with the seasons, and magically it always seems like it’s time to prune a plant when there are things in my life I can let go of! 

Whether you are an experienced gardener, or just starting to explore gardening, plants can bring all kinds of magic to your life. 

There are several easy to grow plants that also have magical properties. A good basic magical garden could include 

  • Lavender: Grows in full and medium sunlight. Good for containers. Dried lavender can be burned for smoke cleansing, and brings soft protection & soothing. 
  • Rosemary: Grows in any light, but bright indirect light or full sun are best. Also good for containers. Fresh rosemary is great on top of basically any food - and dried rosemary can also be burned for smoke cleansing. I like putting a rosemary plant by my front door, to enhance the protective circle I put around my home. 
  • Yarrow: Grows best in full sun, and comes in a variety of colors. Does well in containers, but does get fairly tall. If you plant it in the ground, be aware it does spread fairly quickly. Yarrow is a great magical aid for boundaries, and I like to add the fresh flowers to a bath before or after a stressful day. Dried yarrow makes a beautiful home decoration or altar addition. 
  • Basil: Does best in full sun. Be sure to pinch the flower buds off as they appear to keep your plant lush and leafy. Basil is a delicious add-on to any kitchen magic, and brings abundance. I like to add a citrine gem to my basil plants to enhance all that abundance magic. Also add basil to your lemonade - trust me & thank me later. 

Written by Becky Barryte, Seagrape's production Witch
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