Full Bloom with Dahlia Flower Essence

Flower Essences are a magical tool that work on the energetic level. Tinctures are made by pulling the nutrients from plant matter using alcohol or another substance, and work on the physical level. A flower essence is a more gentle tool - made using water to absorb the energies from a plant, gem, or other natural element. The water harnesses these energies, creating a soft medicine. 

JP Hawthorne of Cosmophilia teaches that if you are having trouble sleeping, a tincture will help you fall asleep, but an essence will help you understand why you are having trouble sleeping. Essences can help you balance your emotions, disrupt negative thought patterns, and open you up to spiritual and energetic information. Flower essences can be taken directly, added to water or other beverages, or even added to a bath so you can soak in the magical energy. 

When we are in Full Bloom - the flower that calls to us is the Dahlia. The noble Dahlia speaks to dignity - holding your head high, even in the face of adversity or stress. The Dahlia comes in many different colors and shapes, showing that being confident isn’t just about conforming to one set of standards. When we are called to follow our own unique path, constructs of competition fall away - we can all uplift and celebrate one another when the Dahlia helps us recognize we are all uniquely beautiful. The Dahlia calls us to celebrate and embrace all the things that make you uniquely you! 

To create a Dahlia flower essence, you will need a bowl of water and a dahlia. First, ground yourself and set your intentions. Maybe take a few deep meditative breaths or journal. Then, fill your bowl with water and either float the Dahlia in the water, or set it next to the Dahlia. When you feel like your water has fully absorbed the magic of the Dahlia, take the flower out of your water. Now, your essence of Dahlia can be preserved with brandy or other alcohol for a longer shelf life, or stored in the fridge for 1 week. Add a few drops to your morning tea, bath, or altar when you feel like you need a boost of blooming confidence.


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