Full Bloom: Using Full Moon Morning Dew in Your Magic

When the morning breaks over the horizon to gently stir us awake, the first fragments of light can be found clinging to the stems of the sleepiest flowers, bushes, and trees in the form of morning dew. These dew drops are the subtlest expression of water's unique power to connect, soothe, and transmute. In the first few hours of dawn, morning dew drops shine like earthbound stars. Think of the last time you looked out on a field or lawn covered with dew in the early morning—as the sunlight unfurls itself, each dew drop is lit from within, and as the sun rises, they slink back into the darkness of the soil to nourish the network of roots underneath.

These beads of blended elemental energy are an ode to tenderness, rest, and deep pleasure! Morning dew absorbs the energies of the plants it clings to, but it also collaborates with these energies. Morning dew is a potent blend of earth, fire, air and water magic, making it a tremendously supportive ingredient when our goal is to collaborate, connect, and deeply nurture. All of the elements need to align, conjoin, and agree in order for morning dew to form; the sun needs to first dip below the horizon and allow the air to cool, the air needs to calm itself, water vapor needs to condense itself into a new shape, and the earth has to rise to meet it. Morning dew teaches us to own the delicate parts of ourselves, and shows us that "delicate" is often synonymous with "miraculous."

Under the light of the Aquarius full moon, these dew drops have been charged with especially powerful elemental energy. When the moon glides through Aquarius, a spell of dissolution, cleansing, and re-negotiation is cast. Aquarius is the visionary of the zodiac, but they're also the community-tender, and morning dew charged with this energy will lend itself particularly well in spells for clearing away old beliefs about belonging and connection.

Full Moon Morning Dew Spells:

  • Add a fingertip-full to your morning tea. As you brew your tea in the early hours of the morning, go out to your garden and meet one of your plant allies. Gently, use one of your fingertips to scoop up just one droplet of dew from the stem, leaves, or petals of your plant friend. Bring this into your kitchen with you (make sure not to spill your precious dew drop!) and dab it into your tea. Visualize this little dew drop, and all four of the elements that collaborated in its creation, unspooling inside your cup! Before you take your first sip, ask the elements for support in whatever intention you're setting for the day ahead.

  • Dress a candle with dew. Bring a chime candle into your garden with you. Find one of your treasured plant friends (especially one with a lot of dew) and ask their permission to gather up some of the dew on your fingertips. If you receive a "no" from your plant friend, thank them and ask another. When you have consent, brush the dew you've gathered along the candle from tip to base, being careful not to wet the wick. Allow the dew to dry down and absorb into your candle, then hold it in your hands, set an intention, and light it!

  • Nourish a depleted or overworked houseplant. In tandem with normal watering, feed your plant friend a few droplets of dew along with whispered affirmations of health, gratitude, and rejuvenation. Gather dew from your garden in a small vial and pour it into your houseplant's soil, and give your friend a few loving touches on its leaves. Visualize the potency of the elements shoring up your plant's own spirit.

  • Craft your own garden essence. Morning dew is a potent addition to any plant or flower essence, but you can create an essence all of your own with only two items: a glass spray bottle, and brandy or glycerin for preservation. Add equal parts water and alcohol/glycerin to your spray bottle with a little room at the top. Then, gather droplets of dew from each of the plant friends in your garden and brush them into the bottle. Viola! You now have pocket-sized garden medicine on the go.

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