Fermentation: Transformation Magic

Life…. Finds a way…. *insert that gif of Jeff Goldblum with his shirt off from Jurassic Park* 
(just kidding) 
The magic in transformation is all around us - when a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, when the bud blooms into a rose. Transformation can be soft and sweet - water from a hot bath into steam, abrupt and harsh - lightning on sand into glass, and it can come from death and decay - mushrooms growing from a rotting log. The major arcana cards, temperance, the tower, and death all are archetypes of these different energies of transformation. Life finds a way to grow and evolve no matter what situation, and indeed we need death for new life.
When we slow down, we can find the beauty of transformation in even the most mundane magic. The magic transformation of food is one way to bring magic and awe to your everyday! The heat from the pan, the gentle stir and fold of ingredients, that final dash of salt and spice to really bring things to life! Food is alive, magic, and medicine. 
Fermented foods are -literally- full of life! The fermentation process uses microbes such as bacteria and yeast to preserve foods and transform them into something elevated. Scientists believe that humans have been fermenting foods as far back as 7000-6600 BCE - there’s evidence of fermented beverages made from fruit, honey, and rice in China and Georgia. And, fermented foods show up in a wide variety of cultures. Keifer, yogurt, kimchi, miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, and kombucha are all fermented foods from all over the world! Making fermented foods is a way to connect to your ancestors. Fermented foods also have a lot of health benefits: they can help aid digestion and support overall gut health, and they can help boost immunity.
Inspired by the #picklewitch, try your hand at making a fermented food at home.  
This RECIPE here is a great start for homemade sauerkraut! Or try THIS for homemade kombucha.  

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