Eclipse Season Aftercare

There are two types of Eclipses that happen when the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth align perfectly: a Solar Eclipse, when the Moon blocks the light of the Sun, and a Lunar eclipse, when the Earth blocks the light of the Sun. In either case, an eclipse shrouds the two largest luminaries in our sky in shadow. The Sun and Moon are closely tied to our identities, and as an eclipse casts morphed shadows on the ground, so too can it cast a shadow on our inner vision. What do you do when the lights go out, babe? How do you ground when you're left wondering where you are, and how you got there? There are responses hidden deep within us that cause us to fear when that darkness comes, to fear being left without a path home — but a witch is never bereft of their tools: when darkness comes, a witch stokes their inner flame. 

During eclipse season, fate takes the wheel as we reckon with the big questions. How will you use your magic to alchemize your own shadows? Can you trust your guiding light, and can you discern for yourself what is true and what is false?

To face your shadows is to face the future, to trust in yourself enough that you have what it takes to fulfill your desires. Eclipse season teaches us how to sit with tough feelings, not temper them. Integrating your deepest doubts makes space for abundance. How do you find abundance in the shadows? Eclipses can catalyze our metamorphosis, with the understanding that there are gifts on the other side, waiting for us to claim them. 

As we emerge on the other side of eclipse season, hold yourself with tenderness. Much of our world would rather us not pursue abundance, but remember: you’re a magical powerhouse. You deserve to fill your cup with as much love and pleasure as you can muster, especially in times of transformation. 

There’s medicine to be found in our shadows. Sinking into deep feelings of anger or injustice or sadness is our body's way of processing and transmuting. When the light of your outer world is blocked during an eclipse, you might feel as if the universe is taking away your support. As we leave eclipse season behind, practice trusting your inner flame: the light that burns for and from you. 

Identifying how to tend to your inner flame is an important practice in keeping intense emotions from depleting your well. That flame is what's going to help guide you through eclipses and times of intensity, and help protect you from unwanted energies.

Dissolving Overwhelm Meditation

When feelings of overwhelm block your path, find your way to center with this meditation.

You will need:

  • A place of sanctuary
  • Grounding tools (we recommend a spritz or two of Starstuff!)  

Imagine yourself sitting in a dark forest; the Moon has eclipsed the Sun, and the lights have gone out. Nonetheless, you can sense a stillness, a calm quiet that has settled over the trees and the forest animals. You may not see what surrounds you, but you can feel it. Feel the leaves and grass and dirt in your hands, sense the trees' ancient wisdom. 

Expand your senses past the forest, feel all the different areas and relationships that you have let your energy stray to — now call it back, babe. Feel your inner flame expand as you bring that energy back into your body, reclaiming it as your own. 

Once you feel your energy back in your body, seal it. Create a barrier from other energies leaking their way in. This is your body, your energy, your magic. 

If you feel called, walk through this metaphoric forest with your inner light shining bright. Face those shadows, and journal through any large feelings or questions that have come up for you during this eclipse season. 

Eclipses are a part of our natural world, just as you are. Though they may bring change, or uncertainty, we are closely related to the magic it produces. As eclipse season draws to a close, return to the roots of your pleasure: rest in whatever ways you can, sink into joy and know that you are allowed it, no matter the state of the world. 

If you're drawing a blank on ways to lean into pleasure during tough times, think about the ways that you can build magic into your every day. Do you have a ritual face care routine? Can you draw a luscious bath and light your favorite spelled candles? How can you level up your journaling practice

The mundane is magical, witch.

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