Cleansing Rituals: Using Herbs, Sprays, and Other Tools

Imagine it’s been a long day. You rode the bus to work, chatted with your coworkers, checked social media, maybe went to the store or read the news, and are finally coming home. You feel exhausted, maybe your mind is racing or you can feel the weight of the day physically in your body. An energetic cleanse is a magical ritual that can help clear out some of the excess energy that has attached itself to you throughout the day, leaving you feeling refreshed, grounded, and safe. 
There are lots of ways to practice an energetic cleanse - some folks might like to do this practice in the morning to help strengthen their psychic or energetic boundaries for the day. Others might like to engage in this practice at the end of the day, as part of a bedtime ritual or even right as you get home. You can also do an energetic cleanse on your lunch break, or whenever you feel like it! This process can be as long or as quick as you need. 
There are a variety of herbal and gem allies that are particularly helpful for clearing your energy. 
Lavender: invites in softness as well as clearing your energy. 
Rosemary: strengthens boundaries and offers protection + clearing. 
Chamomile: a clearing herb that also brings in brightness and abundance. 
Black Tourmaline: A gem ally that helps strengthen boundaries and dispels negative energy. 
Clear Quartz: The ultimate clearing gem, clear quartz works to enhance your intention and amplifies any herbs or gems used around it. 
Rose Quartz: A classic clearing gem, rose quartz will help bring soothing and softness. 
These tools can be used on their own, or together. You can also call in the elements during your clearing practice. Smoke clearing calls on the element of Air, aura mists or clearing baths/showers call on Water, tea or fresh herb brush downs call on the element of Earth, and you can call on Fire by candle magic. 
Smoke clearing may be the most commonly known clearing method, traditionally called Smudging by Indegnous / First Nations communities. Smudging with White Sage or Palo Santo is a closed practice, and the appropriation of this practice has led to the overharvesting of these magical and precious plants. 
If you are interested in smoke clearing, you can burn any herb to have a similar effect, especially nice and prolific in the PNW are lavender and rosemary. 
You can also use an aura mist to have a similar effect of a smoke clearing. Aura mists are water-based, and a spritz can be a welcome pick-me-up on a hot day! Use the following recipe to make your own protective and clearing aura mist. 
You will need: 
-1 cup water
-Botanicals (lavender, rosemary, lemon, rose, mint - whatever is calling to you!) A small handful of fresh herbs, or 1-2 tablespoons of dried herbs 
-1 black tourmaline 
- small spray bottle 
Bring your water to a simmer, and add in your botanicals. Stir clockwise and say the affirmation “I call my power back to me” Let your potion simmer for 5-10 min. 
Cool and strain into your spray bottle. Add the black tourmaline to infuse your finished clearing spray. Use liberally on your aura or your home whenever you need a clearing! 

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