Building an Altar for Balance

We are experiencing a collective rebalancing. Funny how things feel suddenly so tilted. This sensation of losing our center reveals an ugly truth: we have been off balance for a very, very long time. So long that we've begun to recognize it as normal. Rebalancing can be jarring, agitating, frightening, and disturbing. It can be threatening, too. Even if you are aware of the imbalance, it's become our collective foundation - and reestablishing the ground on which we stand can be difficult when we're still standing on it. There's a part of us that wants things to just stay easy. But as witches, we know better. We can recognize this as a Divine opportunity. A challenge to face, and an answer to call. We invite you to create an Altar to recognize this moment of necessary balance, and support the world in discovering its center as well as our own. After all, magic begins within and works its way outwards. Let us shine a bright and righteous light on these aspects of required change!
There are several ways in which you can choose to arrange your altar, from the traditional to the uniquely intuitive. Since this altar is specifically calling upon the energies of Balance, it seems essential to reflect this in your altar display. Oftentimes witches will create an elemental circle on their altar, calling in the forces of water (west), fire (south), earth (north) and air (east), our earthly overseers, while arranging specific talismans for them in their respective directions. Should you choose to do this, be sure to call upon your inner knowing! Use what feels most representative of each element - special stones, a cup of water, leaves, colorful flowers - thanking each offering as the are placed. In the middle of it all, you may choose to invoke the energy of Center, what many magical practitioners revere as the point of possibility, where element meets spirit and earth and the otherworld melt into one. You may also choose to offer your altar to a color that brings you a sense of balance, making it intuitive, personal, and eclectic. During these moments of Solstice energy still lingering in the air, we invoke the sun - the high creatrix of illumination and sacred fire. Considering the sweet warmth of the season is a perfect creative cue for building your altar of Balance.
Stones that reflect and exude the light of the sun are a powerful addition to this months altar, such as citrine. This particular gemstone sends bright light to the brain, strengthening the intellect and expanding our awareness. It motivates us towards new pathways of self-expression, and draws our own inner radiance outwards, requiring a personal balance to express and understand. 
Our favorite flower to include in our seasonal Balance Altar is calendula - a powerful and sunny plant ally, known for transmuting energies that are no longer necessary, or have become harmful. Calendula is warming, drawing out what is stagnant in order to offer it back up to the energies of the earth and reinvent into something purposeful. Calendula highlights possibilities for the future, and invites us to imagine these changes, and rebalance ourselves as well as our environment. 
Blessed sunny season to you all! May your altar reflect your most inspiring desires and dreams, so that they can soon uplifted and made real. 


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