Body As Sanctuary: Elemental Magic for Embodiment

Earth. Water. Air. Fire. Elemental Magic is an integral part of our every day existence. Consider the Earth you plant your feet in as you walk. The Water you use for tea. The Air that moves the trees. The Fire that takes the shape of a large orb in the sky and glows down for you. They're always here. The elements also exist abundantly within us; the air flowing through our lungs, the water coursing through our blood, the earth bound incarnation of body, the tender inner fire burning inside. Every action they take is a spell weaving together life. Calling on these elements in your magical practice can offer support, guidance, illumination, and transformation. And they're so ready to join in on your magic! Creating a meaning-full relationship to the elements means we're creating intimacy with our own bodies, relationships that are rich with nuance and depth. By inviting the elements into your magical practice, you create an invitation for embodiment; an opportunity to collaborate with your body in a way that feels authentic and full of pleasure.

Elemental witchcraft is a beautifully relational practice. When you deliberately seek out the magic and wisdom of the elements, you create an intimate dynamic of learning. Correspondences might feel helpful as you begin this journey, but be sure to leave room for a sensual experience — one where your intuition gets to lead the way to cultivating connection. It's worthwhile to explore how the elements already inherently show up for you before engaging them in ritual.

Exercises for Elemental Connection:

As you approach the elements, consider these questions for each of them: What do you feel in your body when touch, taste, smell, or look at this element? Do you notice any particular sensation? Where? What happens if you close your eyes? Try these exercises and reflections and see what your intuition tells you, and remember — you can shake this up in any way you feel called to!

To connect with Fire: Try lighting a candle and gazing into the flame. Burn incense and watch the smoke drift and dissipate. Sit in the sun and feel the glow on your skin. Consider how your body feels in heat; this may be an indication of the current relationship you have with Fire. Do you bask like a lizard and soak up all the sweet rays? Do you find yourself feeling sleepy? Where is your attention drawn as you watch the flame or smoke? What language would you use to describe the look and feel of fire? Take a moment to jot down whatever words come to mind.

To connect with Air: listen to the wind around you. Do you hear trees being rustled? Perhaps birds flying? Even the sounds of a plane overhead or passing cars can be representation of air collecting these movements and sharing them. Do you hear your body saying anything? How does your heart feel? Consider how you react to windy days, or how it makes you feel to experience the breeze.

To connect with Water: Try visiting a natural body of water, or stand outside in the rain. Make yourself a bath or a cup of tea. Dip your toes in the water and remove them — feel the tingly sensation of being alive as your body reacts to the temperature change. What messages do you receive?

To connect with Earth: Step outside and go on a walk. Touch grass. Touch the trees. Smell a flower, and let yourself linger as the scent washes over you. What sensations do you experience as your body makes this contact? Do you feel settled, or any other sensation, as you do this? Consider what messages your body gives you when thinking of an environment you associate with Earth.

Once you've begun tending a relationship to the elements, invite them into your ritual space to deepen your connection. Each of the elements have their own tools to offer you. Be curious and open to the different ways these elements would like to show up! Maybe the warmth of a warm cup of tea is Fire reinvigorating you and helping fill your cup further, or Earth is a dandelion popping up through the sidewalk.

Elemental magic weaves itself into your every day life, babes. Follow the elemental threads that are tugging you and lean curiously into what your body is noticing. See how you can collaborate with those messages. Perhaps that looks like calling on Air to bring you inspiration, or working with Water to navigate your emotions. Try partnering with Fire to tend to a creative spark, or perhaps Earth to make grounding a pleasure-full joy. Elemental Magic is right at your fingertips, waiting for exploration. To learn more about how to weave the elements into ritual, join us for class with Tal Woods this Saturday, July 8th, as they teach Magical and Elemental Tools for the DIY Witch!

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