Be Your Own Wildest Dream: 7 Empowerment Practices for Every Witch

The empowered witch is a force of nature. But what does it mean to be empowered?


Furthermore, why is it important that we cultivate empowerment as witches?


The act of stepping into our power—think of the etymology of the word empower, literally meaning into power—is a radical, incredibly magical act of self-love. When we empower ourselves, we allow ourselves the agency to dream, to envision an abundant and pleasure-rich future, and to push forward on our paths toward boundless joy. 



“Empowerment” has become a bit of a buzz-word in the spiritual community, but make no mistake; becoming an empowered witch is not a linear path, nor is empowerment something you come to possess. Stepping into your power is a practice, and requires frequent tending before you can unfurl into the fullness of your magic.


Approaching empowerment from a mindset of lack is all too easy for the modern witch—but practicing empowerment doesn’t have to be grueling. On the contrary, learning to nurture your personal power can (and should) be a total delight!


If you’re just beginning an empowerment practice, overwhelm can be difficult to avoid.


Setting out to reclaim your magical agency might feel daunting, but know this: you’re surrounded by an intricate network of teachers, guides, and kindred spirits who are holding the door open for you right this very moment.


If you’re reading this, you’ve already accepted an invitation to step into your power, and you take that first step with a few of the empowerment practices listed below. 



Empowerment Practices for Every Witch:

  1. Treat your body like an altar. Even when you feel like a dumpster fire, remember—you are sacred in all aspects. Lavish yourself with an infused oil or soak in a ritual bath once in a blue moon.

  2. Make a list of your self-care needs. And stick to it. 

  3. Say no. Point blank. 

  4. Lay down some boundaries. Developing an awareness of your limits, and sticking by them, is one of the simplest (and most rewarding) empowerment practices a witch can do every single day. Remember that even you can breach your boundaries, so be conscious of them, and respect them as you would someone else’s.

  5. Set reasonable goals (and celebrate when you reach them!) 

  6. Seek out a support network. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, magical folks on a journey towards a juicy, pleasure-filled life encourages accountability to yourself, your dreams, and your vision for becoming a more empowered you! Seagrape Apothecary is delighted to host such a community; Seagrape Babes is a ...

  7. Remind yourself you’re a babe! 


Remember, cultivating empowerment is essential to a thriving magical practice, but being an empowered witch is not an elite status. Any witch can step into the fullness of their power when they tend to themselves and their needs with genuine love and respect.


Your wildest dreams will be within reach as soon as you decide they are—because you are the source of your abundance. 

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