Seagrape's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

As the year of the Lovers glides to a close, we hope you babes are sitting fireside and basking in the glow of your magic. It's been quite the year, wouldn't you say? What a whirlwind! If you're feeling a teensy bit scrambled and overwhelmed as the holiday season draws ever nearer, have no fear — we've got you, witch. Read on to peruse our 2022 holiday gift guide!

For your Babely Self

In our digital community space, magic and ritual meets abundance and pleasure. No matter where you are in your self-care practice, the witches of Seagrape Babes are here to cheer you on! Here, you can find hands-on resources like spells and tarot spreads, as well as free monthly community circles, a witchy book club, psychic salons, and so much more.

Our workshops are where community comes together to learn, grow, and make some powerful magic with classes on everything from tarot, herbal medicine, ancestral magic, and more. Snag a discount on bundles of three or more classes with this seasonal bundle!

For the Witchy Bestie

The rustling of leaves or the pop and crackle of a campfire, star light filtering through branches and leaves, the scent of trees and moss — however we arrive there, basking in nature can restore our vitality. Gift your witchy bestie the gift of bathing like a true cottage witch, and let them pretend they're soaking up the starlight under a tapestry of snow-laden branches!

Want to bring your coven into our sweet community space? Gift your bestie the juiciest tier of our Seagrape Babes membership, which includes two free workshop recordings on top of all the luscious offerings included in the base membership!

For your Magical Beau

Formulated to have a warming and cooling effect, this spanking powder can be used to prep the skin before the fun begins, leaving a silky surface for you to hit. Alternatively, use the powder to soothe your bottom's bottom after a spanking as a sweet form of aftercare!

Turn up the juice with this luscious collection of CBD goodies, including a lube, massage oil, and bath bomb. We recommend taking a steamy dip with the Love bath bomb + following it up with some one-on-one time with the Ignite lube and infused massage oil.

For the Extended Coven

Revivifying, stimulating, and fresh — this bar will turn every shower into a luxurious spa experience! Pop this into your mom's stocking, or gift a bar to each of your extended fam so they can self care into a love affair, clear their mind, and breathe easy with the juicy essential oil blend of eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and lemongrass. 

This spray is our go-to when we need a little embodiment and confidence boost —You're a Babe wants us to step into our power. Mist in your space, on your skin, and in the air for some low-key magic. Infused with a blend of geranium, clary sage, black pepper, and bergamot, this potion is spelled with all kinds of boss witch energy.

For the Budding Witchlet

Designed in house by Seagrape's head witch Maria, these beautiful altar cloths are pure magic! Gift this cutie to your budding witchlet along with a new tarot deck, some juicy altar supplies, or on its own as a luxurious beginning to their first altar space.

This is the guide to spells and magic that we wish we'd had as young witches! This spellbinding book guides readers on how to craft a magic wand, befriend a fairy, read tea leaves, and so much more. It also includes a glossary of magical terms and symbols for reference!

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Welcome to the Seagrape Community! This Community is here to help you step into your power, take up space, and be the POWERHOUSE babe that you are! If you’re new to tending your flame, or if you’re simply here to re-ignite it, you are in the right place- I can’t wait to watch you grow. Thank you for the opportunity to let me witness your journey and expand in pleasure and community with you!
- Maria, Founder & CEO

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