Abundance: Weaving an Offering Dish

We are always surrounded by the energy of abundance. Abundance isn't just material wealth, money, and possessions—abundance is the embrace of community, of feeling held in your body, magic, and the lush gardens in your neighborhood. Abundance is earth magic, and we are all connected to the earth. When working with Abundance magic, it's helpful to turn to the pentacles in the tarot. This suit rules the physical realm—work, money, health, and home. "The payoff of the pentacles is not immediate, but the yield is sturdier and more reliable than anything produced by the other suits. The Ace of Pentacles shows us both humble beginnings and unlimited potential. With patience, diligence, and attentiveness, the seed it offers us blooms and transcends its initial form." - WTF is Tarot


Cultivate and embrace the energy of Abundance by building a dedicated Abundance altar! An altar is a great way to hone in on a specific magical intention, because it requires you to be in relationship with your space and intention. Build your altar where you have space, or in a part of your home traditionally dedicated to Abundance. Adorn it with items that feel intuitively abundant—golds, glitter, metallics, greenery, coins and cash. Place photos of Abundance deities, if you work with them—Venus, Jupiter, Lakshmi, Oshun, Athena, Zachriel. Place tarot or oracle cards for Abundance on your altar, like the Magician, the Ace of Pentacles, or the 10 of Cups. Leave offerings of herbs and foods associated with abundance like mint, lemongrass, citrus fruits, and bread. Be in relationship with your altar, speak your intentions to it, dust it regularly, and bring new offerings when you can!


If you are new to altar building, start your Abundance practice even smaller with a simple offering dish. An offering dish can be symbolic of the womb—a place to nurture and grow sparks of ideas into full fledged reality. When you are creating an offering dish, your intention is the most important part of the spell. When focusing on Abundance—your offering dish or Money Dish can be any size or shape, and it can be used in conjunction with an altar or as a spell all on it's own. By adding offerings to the dish, you are tending to your intentions, focusing your energy, and actively manifesting your desires. "Making offerings as a primary element of posing a request teaches us so much and allows us to unlearn extractive ways of being. If you want the spiritual world to show up for you, invite it into your life and offer hospitality and reciprocity, just as you would in a human relationship." - Money Magic. An offering can be an herb, a cup of tea, coins or money, a song, a dance, or a prayer—anything that your intuition tells you is in alignment with what you are hoping to manifest.


Crafting an Abundance Ritual Dish

Adorn your altar with an offering dish of your very own, infused with your abundance intentions!


You will need:

  1. 1 package of air dry clay

  2. A toothpick

  3. Your intention


Begin your Abundance Ritual Dish by clearing your space, and setting your intention. Sculpt your dish with your clay guided by your intention—is your offering dish calling to be wide and flat, or short and deep? Carve your favorite images, sigils, or affirmations about abundance into the dish with the toothpick. Leave it to dry overnight in the light of the moon to charge with magical energy. Place your favorite offerings for Abundance in your dish when it's dry!

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