Abundance: Bath Rituals for Romancing Yourself

Friday the 13th has arrived once more, and it's time to tap into its abundant magic. This day is teeming with all sorts of possibilities—Friday the 13th is an open invitation to witches near and far to revel in mystery, and to do so without apology. What would it look like to embrace yourself, and your magical journey, without fear or reproach? 


Now is an especially auspicious time to seek out whatever fears, doubts, and feelings of lack have taken root in your magic and relationship with pleasure and turn them on their heads. Remember, your magic is endlessly abundant, and naming these perceived “flaws” is a chance to reclaim and make space for authenticity. 


Friday the 13th is ripe with opportunities to stand fully, honestly, and abundantly in your magic.


In numerology, 13 is a number of growth and transformation. It is associated with death and rebirth, duality, wisdom, mystery, moon cycles, and growth.

In astrology and magic, Friday is a time when we honor the “Great Goddesses” like Freya and Venus, who are known for their divine feminine power, charm, beauty, relationship-tending, and sexuality.


When working Abundance magic, a transformation is inherently necessary. We need to examine our relationship with the word abundance- looking also at our relationship to money, wealth, health, love, family, worth and so much more. Start with yourself- you are the greatest love of your life, the best lay, the best companion, and the longest relationship you'll ever have! How will you channel the energy of transformation, beauty, and relationship this Mat to weave a lasting expansion spell in your life?


Baths rituals play an important role in many of our lives- water has a magical ability to hold us, carry our hopes and dreams, and help us channel our Guides in magical workings. Taking baths has also been shown to have a bevy of health benefits, from promoting better sleep to reducing stress levels. But there's another benefit of bathing: It can help foster a stronger relationship with yourself. When we develop a loving relationship with ourselves, it sets the tone for all other relationships in our lives- human and more than human. It seems natural to combine these two facets in a a powerful (yet practical) magic practice of Ritual Bathing, something most of us do daily but without much intention.


What makes something a Ritual?

When we boil ritual down, it's all about intention. When prayer, intention, and mindfulness are utilized a simple bath can turn into a transformative experience! Making a bathing ritual feel abundant and juicy is only about making sure you feel it is so. Here are some personal favorite things to consider:


  1. Engage the senses: fresh flowers, oils, candles, reading material, music, lighting. What do I already have and love that can enhance my bath?

  2. Set an intention: do some automatic writing to get to the bottom of what you want this bath to be about

  3. Prioritize pleasure: does the ritual feel stale or out of alignment? Don't do it! Instead light a candle, say a self-love prayer and have an orgasm about it (or, you know, whatever feels good to you)

  4. Reflect: jot a few lines or journal about every bathing ritual you do! you might be too relaxed to remember it later so make some notes about what you used, how it felt, etc so you can re-create it again if you so choose. This is how personal Grimoires are made, babe.


What comes to mind right now? What kind of bath ritual possibilities would make you feel most in love with yourself? Here are some ABUNDANT bath rituals for you to try today, and anytime you want to woo yourself, you expansive, amazing babe!



A Bath Altar for Abundance


You will need:

✿ A flat surface to build your altar on (a bath tray works well, but so would a slat of wood that's been cut to size!)

✿ Green or white candle

✿ The Queen of Pentacles card from your tarot deck (or some other image that invokes luxury, nurturance, and plentiful resources)

✿ A glass of iced mint tea

✿ Fresh flowers and a vase (snag a bouquet at the grocery store!)


Set the scene before you begin building your altar—as you draw your bath, close your eyes and settle back into your body. Hold your unlit candle and envision its energy reaching out to hold and support you in reaching you goals. State your intentions aloud! Whisper them into your candle, into your bath water, into the flowers. Let these magical tools know how to help you, and allow them to give them support generously. Then, set your altar.


Arrange your flowers in a vase full of fresh water, pour your mint tea over ice, and set your Queen of Pentacles card underneath your ritual candle. Ease into your bath, and light your candle. Remember to thank the tools on your altar for their assistance! Soak for as long as it feels good, and leave your altar to work its magic.

Take us space, stretch, sing, sip your tea really slowly, recite poetry to yourself. Abundance is an overflowing well, let your intentions land on the Altar that is your body as well as the one you've built.


Basking In Money Bath Spell


You will need:

💰 A visual representation of cash (coins, bills, or a photo of either work wonderfully!)

💰 Gold chime candle + a candle holder

💰 Orange slices to call in playfulness, exuberance, and joy

💰 As many white petals as you can fit in one tub!


Create a luxurious bathing space for yourself as your prepare for this ritual— romancing yourself like you would a date is essential here! Set the mood with a playlist that swaddles you in silky sounds, dress yourself in your favorite lingerie (or nothing at all), and dance around your space to raise some juicy energy! Set your visual representation of cash in a place you'll be able to see easily from your bathtub. Allow your bath to fill as you dance, and when you're ready, sprinkle your white flower petals onto the water. As you watch them fall, visualize that each one of them is a coin of pure gold. Add your orange slices on top, and step into your living abundance potion.


Hold your gold chime candle, and envision it filling with shimmering energy. Call on support from your candle, and any guides or allies you work with. Then set your intention—are you calling in a juicy raise or promotion? Are you hoping to receive a big bonus so you can plan a magical getaway? Do you need some quick cash? Whisper this desire into the candle, and light it. Allow this to burn as you bask in your money bath, and soak up the magic babe.




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